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Cain Sabela
Cain Sabela
Username: Submissive Kit-Kit
Gender: Male
Race: Demon. A demon that is part Shadowflame Dragon demon and part Wolf Demon.
Age: Cain’s age is entirely unknown, yet if you were to look upon him he would appear to be 27.
Powers: Cain has control over shadowflames (a flame that is as dark as night and will only hurts those he wills it to). He can also shape-shift into a black dragon, black wolf, or a black wolf with wings and horns. All three versions have glowing red eyes the color of blood. He can also heal, yet he does not prefer to use that power since he would have to go through the pain that creates the need to heal.
Hair: Cain’s hair goes all the way down to his waist and is jet black in color. It is smooth and inviting and he enjoys it when people he trusts play with his hair.
Eyes: Cain’s eyes are narrow and are blood red in color with black reptilian slits for pupils.
Height: Cain is approximately 6’5” which can seem very intimidating. Yet he can be a big teddy bear unless provoked.
Build: Cain appears to be thin and weak, yet under that façade he is quite strong and in fact could crush a person without even breaking a sweat. He has a black wolf tail, black horns, black dragon wings, and black wolf ears that tend to gyrate constantly. He has the ability to pull the wings in so tight they cannot be seen. He tends to do this when he feels threatened and does not want them damaged.
Personality: Cain tends to be sweet and kind, which tends to surprise others due to his stature. He does not get angry easily, yet if he is angered all those who are in the way of him and that which made him angry will be in danger. He will stop at nothing to destroy all that angers him and all that threatens those he cares for. Cain is a very gentle being (unless provoked) and has a way with animals due to his other forms.
History: Cain was summoned many years ago, so long ago that he stopped counting. He served under the one who summoned him until his summoner was no longer alive. He then roamed the world searching for a place to call his own, and others who would not fear him and run on sight. He prefers forests and darker places where he can hide. If you see animals around each other that would normally kill each other, then he is not too far away. The many years he has spent on this realm have been spent with animals since they do not have a fear of him.

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