is god ever going to answer my prayers
i know iv herd him
for i have a curse

i looked to the heavens , and tryed to pray
but or ever a prayer had gusht
a wicked whisper came and made
my heart as dry as dust

i closed my eyes and kept them closed
for the sky and the sea and the sea and the sky
lay like a load on my weary eye and the dead were at my feet

the coldsweat melted from there limbs
nor rot nor reek did they
the look with which the look'd on me
had never pass'd away

an orphans curse would drag to hell
a spirit from on high
but, more horrible then that
is the curse in a dead mans eye
7 days 7 nights i saw that curse
and yet i could not die

for i had the burden of the albatross
life-in death was the fate for me