I just searched through my entire archive and found out that I only have 49 other entries...that's not a whole lot. Then again I did write a bunch more a few years back but I deleted those because I didn't want to see them again. Well, this is my 50th entry of the stuff I want to keep in my journal ^-^

Skype for the win! The two hour Skype call with Sempai was great and I've been calling a few other friends on Skype too. The new ear buds and mic set I got Saturday works awesome on my iPod but not so well with the computer xD
I had to plug in my less than desired red street style headphones from MyCokeRewards.com to make the computer recognize my mic. Luckily they work

Grr...I want Minecraft. A failed attempt Friday made me realize that there are no available ways for me to get it. The only real method I have is to get a pre-paid Visa card to buy it but those don't work for international purchases ><
The only way I can get it now is to get myself a real Visa card or steal my parents' cards to buy it online, which won't work because I don't know their PIN numbers. So, I'm stuck with trying to get a friend to come over and input his account stuff for me to be able to play offline...and this friend has practically no time to ever come over...

Well, if you're still reading this post a comment. I doubt anyone still cares to read journals anymore...let alone mine