Can it hear us...?
Can it understand us...?
Can it answer us...?
We'll find out.
"Huh...? Wha...?"

Good to see you're with us.

"With... with you..? Who is 'us'?"

That is of no importance to you.

"Where is this? Where am I and... wh-what's going on?! How did I get here?!"

Calm down. Your life is in no danger.

"Then why am I tied to this chair?! What's all of this equipment...?"

It is used to send volts of electricity through one's body if they do not cooperate with our needs. It
is a nice touch, wouldn't you say?

"Wh--...Electrocution? Me? Why?! What did I do...?

We do not know. What did you do?

"Nothing! I didn't do anything! Please... just... please let me go!"

We are afraid we can't do that. We'll say this one more time: calm down. We're going to ask you many
questions. You may find some more difficult to answer than others.

"Questions? About what...?"

Starting now, we will be asking the only questions. Take a few deep breaths. Do not stress yourself.
You will not escape on your own accord.

"Ugh, I... Fine..."

Tell us... What are you?

"I-I'm... a Sorenian... A Fairy, to be specific."

A Fairy? What is a Fairy?

"It's a type of Northern Sorenian who... um... Well, first of all, all Fairies are girls."

All Fairies are girls... Why is that?

"It's just how things are. Under the comman of the Fairy Princess, we're all soldiers in an army..."

You Fairies experience combat? Explain.

"U-um, I'd totally need to explain the background a little bit..."

There is time.

"R-right... See, Northern Sorenian is composed of four genders: boys, girls, liems and cies--"

Stop there. Four genders? What are these liems and cies?

"They, um... Cies are like cyborgs. Half robot and half organic Sorenian."

Do these cyborgs appear to be both masculine and feminine?

"What? Uh... I guess so. You could say they're like liems because there are girl cies and girl liems..."

...Explain liems to us.

"Liems are Sorenians with feathers or antennas. They're very tribal and--"

Liems are either birds or insects, you say?

"I-I guess so... Um, we Fairies often find ourselves working by their side. They're really nice..."

So the Fairies and liems work together. Explain to us why there is no nickname for them. Girls are
called Fairies, so why are liems not given a name such as that?

"Oh, but they are! We call them the Illusions. As for cies, we call them Cyborgs... and boys are called

Is that so...? Tell us, how do the Fairies feel about the Cyborgs and the Dragons?

"Oh, gross. We don't really like the Dragons and nobody likes the Cyborgs. They're too aggressive."

Why do you detest Dragons?

"Well it's not like we hate them, but... they're just so... ugh! We always have conflicts and stuff..."

Conflicts? Does this relate to seeing combat?


"Yeah, this is where I can explain. See, throughout time, the four genders had this strong rivalry and
hatred for each other. Obviously, that's kinda not so bad now, but it got pretty terrible at times,
based on our history books. Originally, Northern Soren was ruled by the Illusions. By this time, Fairies,
Dragons, or Cyborgs didn't exist. One day, there was this huge disagreement between a female liem
and a male liem. They both had these ideals that gained a lot of momentum. The boy and the girl both
got stronger in numbers. There were Illusions who agreed with their viewpoints..."

We will assume that girls followed the girl's point of view, and boys followed the boy's point of view.

"Exactly! And it spread so far that scientists and shamans started siding with them. They began the
development of these terrible new technologies that could artificially brainwash somebody. As time
passed, the animosity between the boy's and girl's point of view increased. They started to attack
each others' physical appearance and 'properties'..."

This boy and this girl... They were the very first Dragon and Fairy, no?

"Exactly again! The boy's philosophy was based on military rule... which turned into this whole
Sorenian reptilian rule by boys only. The girl's was based on one family-like kingdom
ruled by mammals alone... mammals who are girls."

We may now infer that Illusions were not always bird-like or bug-like.

"Illusions were every type of Sorenian before those two."

What are the technologies which evolved from these affairs?

"It was stuff that could mess with the brain and tell them what to believe in and stuff. It's all really
complicated. But like I said, it wasn't the mind alone that was involved in this."

We recall you saying physical appearance became an issue.


Please explain.

"Right. Um, where to begin...? Let's see... Dragons, who called themselves Militants, and Fairies, who
called themselves Amassers, had this whole notion that all reptilian boys and mammalian girls couldn't
get along because they were just so different. Each felt they were superior over the other in their
own way, and that brought about the mindset that their -ways- were superior. They thought that if
everyone lived like them, it would bring peace to this messy cause. People believed that was the only
way to solve it: mass conversion."

And what exactly does technology and magic have to do with this?

"Aside from brainwashing, radical scientists did all these sophisticated experiments and found a way to
adjust the genes and basically transform mammals into reptilians in the... I think embryonic stage."

Now, stop there. If boys and girls constantly bickered as you say, how did Sorenians reproduce?

"We can lay eggs on our own at a certain age if we want. It's required that we give birth once in our
lifetimes... well, at least once. We can't have more than three kids."

We see... Understood. Now, what is the mass conversion?

"Huh? ...Oh. Mass conversion. The Militants got in a sort-of-brawl with some of the Amassers... and
they were the first to show their new technology. Using ranged weaponry of some sort, they shot
at the crowd... All of the Amassers became reptiles. And not just that, they became boys!"

Interesting... It is that type of thing... Did the Amassers retaliate?

"Oh yes. On a level ten times more dramatic than the Militants. They had developed the same type of
technology, presumably through the use of spies. It was so identical... but their approach was
different. A squad of Amassers sought out the leader of the Militants, Marc. Along the way, they
neutralized, which is the term for conversion, hundreds of Militants. They became mammals, and...

They were transformed into girls?

"Yep~! Serves them all right."

What happened as a result?


"Both factions were punished by the chief ruler of the Illusions... they were banished, but I'm sure
both factions had enough by now. They felt their ideals were even stronger than the Illusions'. But
the lack of peace really got on the liems' nerves. The Militants went southwest and the Amassers
went northwest. Each of them were about a thousand strong... They built homes and thrived on their
own for awhile. Both of their leaders died from illness. Historians think it had to do with the exposure
to the primitive neutralization technologies."

We assume they had children, no?

"Yeah, each of them had one child to whom they passed their names. It's a tradition that continues
today: the child inherits the position as ruler as well as the name. It got totally strange... Because
each ruler wanted their child to be exactly identical, so they went to scientists and asked for this
whole deal on gene therapy for the eggs. Not long after the original rulers' deaths, new "empires"
were born: the Dragons and the Fairies."

Good. Now how exactly did the Cyborgs come about...?

"They started as projects of the Dragons'. They were both machines of war and androids designed
to look like Fairies or Dragons. The first project was known as the Binary Stream Project. The thing
had a mind of its own though... It totally escaped with a few other free-minded projects. Apparently,
the Dragons programmed them pretty identical to nature's design. They were able to reproduce... but
their minds were so violent. Their leader, who named himself 01Zero, became a sort of dictator... It's
not too clear what happened after that."

What about the relations between the four genders? What became of them soon after this breakout?

"The Fairies and Dragons fought over that to see who could quell the Cyborg outbreak. But that was
stupid. They totally wasted time and should've just agreed to team up for it... Things were still really
tense. The Dragons ended up winning, but they advanced on the Cyborgs to soon after battle with
the Fairies and wiped. Big time."

What happened to the Fairies after this battle?

"They tried to regroup, but the Illusions took initiative and ambushed them a day after the battle.
They were destroyed..."

What prevented the Fairies and Dragons from completely dilapidating?

"The tensions between the Cyborgs and the Illusions. Their viewpoints were night and day. After
the Dragons and Fairies had their forces done in, they both fled. Some even ran back to their Illusion
ancestors in desperation. Only the leaders and a few elites or soldiers survived these conflicts. Both
factions thought they were doomed. That was when they finally realized the war they had started.
Before them, the Illusions didn't have these neutralization technologies, and now that they disobeyed
their ancestors... they were paying the price."

What allowed the two to recover?


"The time it took for the war between Cyborgs and Illusions to end, which, by the way, ended in
victory for the cies."

By the time the Cyborgs finally defeated the Illusions, what had happened between the Fairies and the

"Nothing! They left each other alone!"

There were no peace negotiations?

"Heck no. The Fairies still blamed the Dragons for... a lot of things."

So how exactly did the two recover? Explain in detail.

"Oh, um... They had different ideals, but the same -idea- when it came to revitalizing their armies. It
had to do with inflitrating Illusion or Cyborg headquarters and neutralizing them little by little. Finally,
the Illusions got tired of everything the Dragons and Fairies had done and just established a policy of
complete isolationism. They wanted to have nothing to do with the three other genders."

But they were eventually pulled back into war, yes?

"Yes. The Cyborgs, as merciless as they were, realized they had done enough to damage the Illusions
and felt they would be of no harm any longer. They turned their sights back to the Dragons and

We assume this is now the period where the two rival factions had to establish an alliance?

"Yes, it was the only choice. They'd finally amassed enough forces to combat the Cyborgs. A shaky
treaty of alliance was signed. They called it the Double Upheaval Treaty."

Did the alliance manage to succeed against the Cyborgs?

"Mhmm. It was very close, and... disturbing. The Cyborgs had such awe-inspiring technologies that it
left the alliance trembling, for a moment anyway. The no good Dragons betrayed the Fairies as soon
as victory was a assured. Again, the Fairies were almost completely wiped out. And despite it all, the
dictator of the Cyborgs noted Marc's mercilessness toward the Fairies."

What happened after this confrontation?

"The war wasn't over yet. The Fairies had nowhere to go. Their home was being overtaken by
traiterous Dragons as the battle raged on. They fled in desperation back to their origins: the Illusions."

How did the Illusions react to their cry for help?

"Oh, well they rejected it at first. They were still upset about the whole breaking away thing. But the
whole idea of the Amassers was so much like the idea of the Illusions in the first place. Their ways of
life and dreams were so similar. In addition, the Fairies weren't the ones to create the Cyborg menace.
Eventually, the Illusions came to sympathize with them. They eventually became an alliance called the
Sorenian Saviors. It was known, in short, as the Double-S Alliance."

Did the Dragons and Cyborgs create an alliance as well?

"Soon after hearing about the Double-S, yes. They were forced to."

It seems as if all genders were forced to negotiate alliances.

"It was called the Age of Pressure."

The Age of Pressure... What were results of the conflict?

"The conflict?"'

Yes. From what you told us, we can assume that conflict between the two alliances was inevitable.

"Oh, that. Yeah, the Double-S totally kicked butt. And all for a righteous cause! Good wins over evil~!
And the Fairies recovered so many of their forces. They returned home after the war and fixed that

What became of the opposing leaders?

"01Zero was imprisoned and Marc was neutralized into an Illusion. But he had given birth at Castle
Blossom, the Fairies' home. The Dragons' cause was still alive."

We see. And what happened to the Illusions?

"The Illusions? Well, they thrived. Everything was booming on the Illusive Horizon..."

Tell us about the events following this war.


"Um... After the Pressures War, things got really quiet for about twenty years. All four genders were
rebuilding and things were going smoothly... It was a pause in all of the conflicts, which allowed for
even more scientific discoveries and development. There was a Dragon rebellion, which was a big
surprise... After about twenty one years following the Pressures War, the rebellion's leader,
Kondo, infiltrated the Illusive Horizon and freed 01Zero. He was neutralized, but... the Cyborg menace
was freed... The Dragons went to correct this mistake. Hehe, they got themselves up in arms with
another war..."

What were the Fairies doing?

"Planning! It was a pretty unethical idea, but we had this undying craving for vengeance for what
the Dragons did to us during the war, and the world in general! They were making a mess... With the
Fairies all strengthened and stuff, they infiltrated the Dragon HQ and neutralized tons of soldiers.
When the Cyborgs and Dragons received word of this during their battle, there was nothing they
could do! Hehe!"

And why is that?

"Because we had the Illusions as the wind beneath our wings. If they tried anything, we would rip 'em

What were the results of the affairs between the Dragons and Cyborgs?

"The Dragons retreated. They were so badly pulverized that they would have almost been history! But..."

But what, exactly?

"An influential warrior by the name of Rehp stepped up and pulled the Dragons out of despair. He
personally traveled to the corners of Northern Soren to make temporary peace with the other genders.
Everyone admired his bravery... He's often thought of as the Dragon's pride at its greatest. I'd agree..."

This Rehp... What became of him?

"After another period of recovery that lasted about fifty years, he wasn't ever heard from again. His last
great accomplishment was the finalizing of the rebellion that Kondo started. It lasted so long..."

What is believed to have happened to him?

"A lot of people thought a Kondoist fanatic poisoned his body with gamma fluids from the neutralization

Gamma fluid...?

"Yes. It is the single most powerful form of energy we have... It's capable of amazing feats, but it's also
super dangerous."

We see... Do you understand the importance of gamma fluid...?

"I'm grateful for it... if that's what you're asking."

Gamma fluid... Is an amazing thing... is it not?

"Wha...? W-well, I guess... Wh-why?"


'U-um, a little creepy... Why are you laughing...?

As we have said... we will ask the questions here...

"You've already asked so much! Can't you at least untie me? My wings ache..."

We apologize. Continue telling the history of your world... and we will set you free.

"Fine... What else do you want to know?"

What is the name of each of the four genders' leaders?

"Of the Fairies, it's Princess Susie. Of the Illusions, it's Chieftan Ecto or Cheiftaness Ectie. Of the Dragons,
it's Marc. And for the Cyborgs, it's 01Zero, or just Zero."

Understood... What can you tell us about the periods of time following what you had ended with?

"Well, since Zero was free, he allegedly had been planning to take over the world again. This time, the
technology he had was mind boggling at very least... It was... the darkest age of Sorenian history..."

The darkest age...?


"Mhmm... Zero had come up with a new solution... Use pure gamma concentration rather than tiny amounts
of it mixed with other subtances in their weapons."

What did this lead to?

"A confrontation between the Illusions and Cyborgs. It sparked the war of all wars: the Death War..."

What was this Death War? Was neutralization involved?

"Yes, but not from the Cyborgs. They weren't intent on neutralizing anymore. They killed anyone who wasn't a Cyborg... so Cyborgs who were neutralized in battle were immediately vaporized by their terrible technology."

What were the results of this battle?

"The Illusions were totaled. A lot called it the end of the world... And as the Cyborgs advanced throughout
Northern Soren, they took the Dragons... and then the flourishing Fairies... The Death War had left Northern
Soren to the Cyborgs for a second time, and this time there was no solution. So the remaining Dragons, Fairies,
and Illusions fled to Western Soren."

Western Soren? What is the story behind Western Soren? Do they experience conflicts such as these?

"I'm not too sure. History only focuses on parts of the world, and... I didn't learn much about Western or
Eastern or Southern Soren... But from what I know, Western Soren is weird! All of the Sorenians are
four-legged mammals... They rely on ponds of natural gamma for their magical energies. It's sooooo

Is this all you know about Western Soren?

"Yes, sadly. Travel there is forbidden. It is too dangerous. For us, that kind of exposure to gamma is
disastrous. They grew up with it... But the D.I.F. Alliance, that is, Dragon, Illusion, and Fairy, returned
to Northern Soren with their help. The Cyborgs were brought back down to their rightful place again."

And this ended the Death War?

"Yes, but... so many lives were lost... If war was normally like that, I wouldn't be here now..."

What followed the Death War?


"The Prosperity Era! At least for the Fairies. We got really lucky with a bunch'a stuff. Life slowly
returned to normal and the Fairy population grew and grew... Eventually, battles started happening again...
The Dragons continously tried to defeat the Fairies at certain areas to claim territory, just as the Illusions
were trying. Even the Cyborgs were back in the game... Everything was back to neutralization, and it was
actually fun! After witnessing the horrible Death War, survivors had fun turning into the different genders and
they all had laughs together. It's ridiculous when we look back on it now... I even heard that the leaders met in
private and exchanged laughs and partied and whatnot."

We assume the Zero who initiated the Death War was gone?

"The Prosperity Era saw four new rulers. Each previous one died in the war. Gamma problems..."

When did things for Northern Soren become tense once again?

"...When the Cyborgs, as usual, went too far..."

What did they do?

"They led an invasion on the Illusions while a temporary cease confrontation was issued. It was a nasty conflict
that revealed to the world a new face of modern warfare. A lot of the methods from the Death War were seen
and it scarred the land... and the Illusions. After the battle, the Cyborgs blamed the Fairies on the whole thing..."

Why was that?

"To scapegoat us! They felt we were the reason they lost the Death War. No one even knew they were still on that."

How did the Illusions react?


"They attacked us with the aid of the Dragons. We beat them, but... the Cyborgs attacked us afterward at our own home. We survived though. At that moment, we felt we could do anything. What we didn't realize was that this was now the age of the Breakthrough War. With our forces so toughened up from the attacks, we counterattacked the Dragons with almost no need for recovery. That was recovery enough. Sadly, we were too blinded by revenge to tell the Illusions that the Cyborgs lied. So we kinda attacked them a little..."

The Fairy forces grew much stronger, no?

"They did! Over a period of three years, we gained so much territory... Heheh, I remember... I was born during this."

You were born during this period?

"Y-yeah... Erm... Wh-why?"

...Nothing... Begin including yourself in the story.

"Alright, uh... I was born a Dragon..."

And you were neutralized during the Breakthrough War?

"No! It was different... As for the Breakthrough War, the Fairies ended up neutralizing the current Chieftan of the Illusions. That was the last straw for the other genders. With the Illusions now under rule of this guy named Infinity, they formed the Breakthrough Alliance. This ripped us up... They took all their territories back, but, typically, the Cyborgs went too far. They'd been keeping this weird technology a secret which copied the DNA of Western Sorenians and embedded their genes onto gamma plates, or something... During the Battle for Starfall Plains,
Zero unleashed the G-Wave on his own forces as well as ours."

What was this G-Wave?

"It was a device that released a vapor gamma into the air that affected one hundred percent organic creatures... So... not Cyborgs."

And it converted many into Western Sorenians?

"Yeah. Western Sorenians are, like Dragons or Fairies, called Beasts."

So, for the first time, your world witnessed Beast neutralization.

"Pretty much! And that was chilling... Of course, heroes came and saved the day!"

Heroes? What heroes?

"Follower's of Rehp. No one knew the leader's true name. Everyone called him Mars. His partner was a Fairy. Her name was... well... her codename was Venus. It was the first time Northern Soren saw Fairies and Dragons working together since the Double Upheaval Alliance."

What did these heroes do?

"They managed to get into the Den of Rancor, which was the HQ of the Breakthrough Alliance. It was a sort of hidden base near the homeland of the Cyborgs. There was this battle between them and Zero called the Showdown of Rancor. They neutralized him into a Dragon and forced him to reverse the effects of the G-Wave.
...I... don't know how they did that."

How quickly did things return to normal afterwards?

"They never did return to normal... The Dragons, Fairies, and Illusions came together to create the Vigilant Coalition. This was designed to keep an eye on the Cyborgs. History had already shown them to get out of paw way too many times."

What happened to Mars and Venus?

"Just like Rehp, they disappeared! A lot of people think that Dragon Zero still held a grudge against them or something. I don't really know."

Where were you when this war ended?

"I was still a pup, and still a Dragon. I was born in an outpost and then moved to the main HQ during the Breakthrough War. No one was effected by the G-Wave there..."

...Tell us... How did you become a Fairy?


"I'm not a normal Fairy, first of all. After science reached its temporary peak, magic was popular. It became popular after the exposure to all the G-Wave's gamma gas of the Breakthrough War. Unfortunately, it was a lot more powerful than the genders preferred. So they forbade it! Original magicks were allowed to be used, but no gammagic, as it was called."

What was the status of Northern Soren at this point?

"A few years after the war, I was old enough to become a soldier."

And you were still a Dragon, yes?

"Mhmm. And it wasn't long after I became a soldier when I experienced my first battle."

Which was...?

"A little territory battle against the Illusions. The Fairies joined and kicked our butts, as strange as that is to say. The Illusions admired the Fairies and their leaders, Princess Susie and Chieftaness Ectie, and met after the conflict. They discussed this huge alliance that would last for almost half a decade."

We assume they could come to agree because their ideals were still nearly identical.

"Yes, they were! They always were. And they'd joined forces in the past to eliminate the first Cyborg threat. Now it was a matter of being the dominant force over Northern Soren. They weren't aggressive or anything. In fact, the Dragons and the Cyborgs still managed to beat them one time each. I remember a battle near
the Melody Range that raised my ranking. I became a general."

This battle earned you the title of a general? Why?

"Because I predicted Femi-Cremi ambushes and countered them with some pretty fancy tactics. I don't like to toot my own horn or anything, but if it weren't for my tactics, we'd have all been done in."

Look at you now. You were eventually "done in".

"Well... yes..."

Why did you give the orders? Why did you use these tactics? Was there not a general leading you then?

"What do you mean?"

You were not a general in that battle. So how did you, a simple soldier, give orders?

"Oh, our general was neutralized! We were on our own, but I was forced to take charge."

Understood. What battle changed you into this?

"The Showdown at Starfall Plains..."

Do tell.

"It was a three-way battle. We had planned to confront the Cyborgs at Starfall Plains to see who has the strongest forces... We met army-to-army..."

If this was a battle between the Dragons and the Cyborgs, how did you become a Fairy?

"...The Femi-Cremi joined the battle... We're not sure how they knew about it, but they took part also, and they were the showstoppers. Now, remember, gammagic was forbidden. I found myself doing battle with a Fairy who called herself Lea. She and her followers wielded this forbidden magic behind the Fairies' and Illusions' backs... During the face-off with Lea, I didn't stand a chance. Her magic was... way too much."

Who is this Lea Fairy?

"She's a Sorenian witch; all evil and whatnot! She's a Shade who works for the Overlord of Darkness, but that's a whole different story that sorta begins now!"

Interesting... Do continue.

"That fight with Lea was scary... If it weren't for the friend I made, I don't know what would have become of me."

Your friend? Who would that be?

"His name was Rush. He witnessed Lea using this magic on me and jumped to my defense. Of course, it was already too late for me... I wasn't neutralized on the spot. Uh, I think Princess Susie witnessed me in Rush's arms with Lea threatening us..."

What happened from there?

"Susie immediately deduced that this was no normal situation. Lea had betrayed her orders and used this forbidden magic. She was banished on the spot. Lea swore she'd have revenge before she fled. Just as well, Rush swore he'd stop Lea from any havoc she might wreak in the future. As for me, my body was
undergoing the slowest possible neutralization. The only thing that was different about me was that the X-shape above my head was pink."

You underwent a lagged neutralization?

"I still am! I'm not completely a Fairy yet. I'll be one hundred percent neutralized the day my fur turns a certain hue of pink. As you can tell, wherever you are, I'm blue, so..."

What happened to you after the showdown ended?

"The showdown, which ended in Femi-Cremi victory, left me abandoned... I couldn't do anything. Usually after neutralization, the nervous system is paralyzed for upwards to three days. And I was sure that I'd be out for a while... Honestly, I didn't even know what was going on. I felt like a boy still... but I knew I'd
been neutralized. Susie and Ectie found me laying there unattended to. Again, I was still a boy. But my symbol was pink. They took the liberty to investigate me... And brought me to Castle Blossom, where I live now."

How long did you live there before you realized you were slowly becoming a Fairy?

"Within the first few weeks, my body felt strange. Fairy scientists had me under constant observation. Susie herself was so interested in my case. A lot of her elite guardians were always making sure I wasn't a spy; it was kinda funny. I was so helpless... While this was happening, the Illusions were busy fighting off the Dragons in their own issue. Castle Blossom was abuzz with so many problems that had to be addressed, and I was one of them. We couldn't help our allies. Thank the Blessed Garden they understood..."

What became of Lea and Rush?

"I'm... not sure... I know Rush pursued her. I know that led to Light and Darkness coming to our world and changing everything... It was like history repeating itself on a bigger scale: a girl and a boy with different belief leave and soon bring to the world new powerful forces. The only difference? Light and Darkness existed long before Soren even had life..."

Intriguing... When did you start acquiring mammalian-like traits?

"Like three months after the Showdown at Starfall Plains, which was when the Femi-Cremi Alliance looked like it was going to start breaking apart. My scails were all fuzzy and my tail had become a lot more... floppy... Not to mention my claws had disappeared. 'Was a little odd."

When exactly did the Femi-Cremi Alliance end?

"It finally ended a year ago, which was actualy when I started to look like this. My hair grew out, I'd become a fox, I was thinking like a girl, my wings became those of a butterfly's... Um, as for the Illusions, we're still more friendly towards them than the Dragons or Cyborgs."

...You said you're still becoming a Fairy? You're a girl at the moment, yes?


...Why is that?

"Until my neutralization is complete... I'm actually still a boy... a... very girly boy."

...What is your name...?

"...M-my name...?"

Yes... Tell us your name...

"My name is Kutzu... Um, Kutzu Aria."

Kutzu... if you had to guess... Who would you think we are?

"You? All of you? I-I don't know... Darkness? Light?"

We are not affiliated with Light or Darkness. Guess again.

"Guess again? U-uhm... Are you from Soren?"

We are not from your home planet. Guess one more time. If you fail... well... at least you tried.

"What are you going to do to me?! I-I-are you gods of some sort?!"

Gods? ... Us? ...

"H-hey... the ropes around my wrists are loosened... Ah... Oh, it feels nice to finally stand."

You have provided us with an adequate background of your home... You have an extensive knowledge of Northern Soren.

"Thanks... But... it's not all that great."

On the contrary. Now. Close your eyes... Close your eyes and relax. Sit back down... We will restrain you no more. Allow yourself to delve into a tranquil environment... Kutzu... And when you open your eyes... you will awaken...