Today it rained. It rained oh so badly, that it washed me down 'till I was nothing more than a dot of what used to be a heart full of life. Sitting under the willow tree, it stands facing me. As the rain droplets cry down its leaves I stare in eyes full of tears, wondering what is left of this dot of mine. Is it life, or is it none? Would it be able to stand once again or continue to sit in a puddle full of tears? Would anyone be able to save this dot of mine from drowning in a pool of sadness..? This... dot of mine was once a heart of life. This... dot of mine once knew how to smile in the face of fear. Yet this dot of mine has fallen, into this pool of sadness. For my dot can not swim to safety without the help of someone... Yet would someone kindly reach out their hand to clasp on mine, to help me out of this bottomless pool of sadness? For I have failed to find that one person.
Rain drops continue to fall and I continue to sit in this sadness of mine. Waiting, just waiting for this one person to help me out... to bring me into happiness's warm arms once again.