Just an idea...a twist on an old Bible story...

He was terrified. His father, Abraham, had been acting odd as of late; talking to himself, doing things that were not normal for man of his age. Isaac made a point to avoid him, tending to the horses whenever he could. but when Abraham mentioned that someone called El had commanded him to sacrifice his first-born son, Isaac felt his blood run cold, his heart pounding against his ribs. He was the first-born son! No matter how Isaac, his mother, his siblings, tried to dissuade their father, Abraham was not listening.

So now, Isaac was laying on the rough stone alter his father had made, his wrists bound together so he couldn't fight back. he was scared, and angry. This El had ordered his death! How could his father follow such words? It made no sense! Isaac was hoping that he would be rescued somehow, that maybe El would stay his father's hand...no such luck.

Isaac screams as Abraham's stone knife cuts into his chest, slicing him open like a sacrificial lamb. It takes a short time before the boy's body lays, limp and lifeless, on the altar.

Spirit Plane:
Issac opens his eyes on a strange landscape. the ground is dark red stone, black in some laces, with fires warming and lighting the place, butt eerily silent. Instead, the wild, frighting chatter of otherworldly beings rings in his ears. The boy is faintly surprised to see that his body is unmarked, not even a scar remains...but he is semi-transparent, slowly gaining solidity the longer he stays in this place...where ever it is. He looks around, and notices a yellow-eyed creature that looks vaguely humanoid watching him. He has no idea where he is, really, but he guesses this must be the dreaded Hell that his father was trying to stay away from...