This will be pretty much a review of the three pieces we played at Festival Disney

This first piece is a well-known piece that has been played in much media, such as the restaurant scene in Farris Bueller's Day Off. We got the beat and tone and pitch perfect right from the get-go, so the rest of it went great too, except for the one part where the first guitar part section didn't play anything, but they went back to normal after that awkward measure. All in all, this one sounded very much like a recorded version by professional players

Kangogi (part 2 of the Kalimba Suite by Jurg Kindle)
This one was probably the most difficult piece to play out of the three, and because of that it was one to worry most about. It sounded perfect in almost all aspects expect for speeding up a little bit from the beginning, but the pitch and tone were dead on. Only one person messed up the end where it was supposed end on the last note of the final measure with a harmonic E note but someone played the first note of what could easily have been another of the same measure. Other than those two flaws it was fantastic that we did that, which we hadn't ever done so well in class xD

Lotus Eaters (by Andrew York)
This last piece started with off with the firsts and seconds playing at just the right beats, which was another hard thing to get a hang of during class. We had one exceptional guitarist play an acoustic with a pickup attached for the solos in the song, including one he made up that sounded like it was written by York himself! Our only problem in that song was a couple times some of us missed a note or played too softly to hear but that could easily be overlooked. It was a superb performance.

Out of all of the songs, Lotus Eaters was the best sounding, which we had also played the longest since the beginning of the year. Kangogi sounded amazing and was almost just as perfect as Lotus Eaters, which I actually liked second to Kangogi. And Menuette was obviously third best one, but was so easy we should have played that best. Anyways, all of this music can be found on iTunes I believe so be sure to check out the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, Andrew York, and Jurg Kindle for they are all amazing :3