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Name Honorifics and Suffixes.
You've all heard them, and may know how to use them, but what you need is the list.

Common Name Endings:
San (さん) - さん is the most popular and common suffix. It is used in much the same way we use Mr. Mrs. Miss etc... here. It is both formal and casual, and should always be used when addressing strangers. It can also be used when addressing a person by occupation using a workplace as the noun. So a bookseller owner could be called honya-san ("bookstore" + san), or the butcher nikuya-san ("butcher shop" + san). e.g "Good morning, Atsuya-san." "How are you today Kanako-san."

Chan (ちゃん) - ちゃん is the suffix the speaker uses when they are talking to someone endearing. It is a very casual suffix, thus not used when talking to or around superiors or officials. The most common uses for it is for babies, lovers, young women, teenage girls and pets. e.g "My! Lucy-chan lost her first tooth today." "Have you heard the new Justin Bieber album Sakura-chan?"

Kun - (君 [くん]) - くん is a formal suffix commonly used by superiors when talking to those of junior status. Its casual version is most commonly used when talking to younger men or boys. While the casual version is almost always used with male names, the formal can be applied to either gender. e.g "Hiro-kun, pass the ball!" "Minami-kun, I expect these papers in by tomorrow."

Sama (様 [さま]) - さま is a very polite form of san. Its used when talking to superiors, elders, and people you greatly admire. e.g "Right away Robert-sama!" "I love you so much Ayame-sama."

Sensei (先生 [せんせい]) - means 'born before', or 'life before'. It is the honorific given to teachers, doctors, politicians, lawyers etc... It may also be given to anyone who is a master at a skill, such as martial arts or poetry. Can also be used as a name itself (Like the way we call the headmaster of a dojo 'Sensei') e.g "Sensei, how do you get this answer?" "Aya-sensei taught me well."

Senpai (先輩 [せんぱい]) - is a suffix we use to recognize those with more experience then us. Be it in sports, the workplace, or school. Think of it as a suffix used on upperclassman, but never your boss or teacher. e.g "I want to be as good as Bruce-senpai one day."

Kohai (後輩 [こうはい]) - is the direct opposite of Senpai. Think of it as a underclassmen, or the junior member at a job. "Katsumi-kohai will never make our basketball team. "

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xXBroken Hearted CoCoXx
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