Hey Bob;

Despite a lot, things haven't been all too bad.. I have a general direction now, though I'm still lost... I'm making money and using very little, though I'm still a burden. I have love and changed only slightly, though I'm still scared. It's all very overwhelming and yet not. I have a fear constantly that more bad things can happen, but it's probably just me not liking the thought of a semi-comfortable steady progression. The only thing I really miss now are my friends actually... And myself.

Is that an odd thing to say? It might be. I catch myself wondering what I lost as I grew older. Like holding something for so long and suddenly during one night of sleep, you accidentally let it go, and when you awoke... It was just as easily forgotten. It just feels.... Off. How do you find something in yourself, that you cant even recreate yourself!? Like wanting to see again when you've already gone blind... I feel like once I find it, everything will fall into place. Everything will be "open" again. Can you grow senile at 22!?!... Wait... Am I 22?... Yeah... no... wait... WTF AM I? Im... Yeah... I'm 22, definitely. LMAO. WHEW! Thank gawd! Ahah, well.. Shut up. stare

********... Im old. crying <//3

Sore Ja.