Today, while at work, there was this little boy. He was prolly around the age of five or six-- kindergarten or so, and he was completely and utterly adorable. Usually, I hate children in our shoe store. They tear s**t up. But he sat on the bench, silently, and quietly, like a good little boy.

And then I saw it.

He took his pointer finger, stuck it in his nose, and dug around. Dug around like he was searching for gold. Even his face was determined to find something. And sure enough he did. He pulled his finger out, and on it there was this large greenish blob. He looked at it, and it looked back at him, and then he popped it into his mouth!

Now, being the queen of the runny nose, boogers are no stranger to me. I thought hilarious.

"Wow, did that booger taste good, or what?" I said.

"YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM, IT DID!" he practically shouted back it me, and then grinned this huge grin that covered his entire face.

I miss being a child sometimes.