/randomly wants a gay OC lol

Name: Kalle Kronor Meng
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 171
Age: 17
Birthday: August 1st
Gender: Male
Preference: Other men
Skin: Light, but not pale
Build: Most of weight comes from muscle, not fat (he has high muscle mass, not high muscle volume)
Stuff: Tattoo of a Lion on the back of his left shoulder
Eyes: Pink (don't say it isn't possible)
Hair: Black, somewhat short (I dunno, 2 inches?)
Lazy Generic Reference:
User Image
(except hair is shorter)
Casual Outfit:
Short sleeve shirt, black or pink, has white lettering (lolpaint) across the chest
Sometimes wears a [silver] watch on his right arm, sometimes wears a [white] wristband on his left
Casual pants, usually black, sometimes white (you'll never see him in shorts)
Martial Outfit:
Except! The front and back flaps are both split / shaped like coat tails (lolpaintagain)
And white kung fu shoes

Details: Human, athletic, various skills related to unarmed combat, travels around the world in order to train (sponsored by his loving parents), briefly knows many languages because of this, was born on a plane (like a boss cool ), mother is Swedish and father is Taiwanese (relationship started as a business relationship)

Personality: Very active and outgoing, loves to be the center of attention, not 'creepy-romantic' with guys (he's not desperate or something), only flirty if a man shows interest in him, if you try to label him as stereotypical "gay" it just isn't going to work, has many martial skills but only gets violent if people are threatening to use violence (or committing any criminal act), will laugh at anyone who tries to call him funny nicknames

Complications: Older sister wishes he was straight ;D