The night falls into place...
We're alone walking in the streets
Holding your hand I notice that its cold
I ask what's wrong but you don't respond
I say that nothing bad could happen to us
and you said "it was a lie, just a game... sorry"
Confused I get a better grip on you and ask impatiently "what's wrong please
Tell me, I know that it involves me"
crying you respond " there's a price on you... and soon to be one on me, unless I leave you I die with you... and you know how much I care about life."
one painful tear fell down my cheek and asked you "so you want to leave me, just so you can live just because there's a price on my head?"
you didn't respond back but handed me a note
opened,I saw in handwriting
"roses are bloody red,violets are dead blue, this has to end,Because of you"
loosing sense of every feeling I had, I fell on my knees and and gasped for air
you said one final thing before you left. Never have I felt so desperate for life
I said "as you wish" and left your hand to fall down lifeless as I started to leave you and those bitter memories of us ever being together. not moments later when I heard a gunshot. Pain ran through my chest as i turned to see that you were the one with the gun.
Falling down I said " you were the first to find out about the price weren't you?'
a bloody tear ran down my cheek as everything blurred to a dark red color
You responded " your life was meaningless, but your heart was one of a kind and knowing your time was pointless I heard that you were worth way more than a the president himself was worth"