as I lay awake at night thinking about you
I wonder about our time together.
knowing that we could never be again
I decide to end this pain I carried for far too long.
taking a rope with me I leave the house and go
to the place where we first met.
I see a body hanging and decide to give it a blessing
knowing that it would do no good I left it alone and went to our tree.
there I carved in the wood "I know I was a failure and this is my regret"
I climb to the top of the tree and tied the rope,
around my neck I remembered about your note.
opened it too see in blood that it said "goodbye my love"
full of sorrow I threw myself to the floor.
rope tightened around my neck but the pain felt so good.
I couldn't help but laugh and say " my life was suppose to end when I was born"
gasping for air I felt tears leave my eyes,
I see nothing but red, so I knew I was actually dying
that last tear that had left was pure black and I knew that it was my soul escaping this world