So, I've been waitlisted.
It's not a bad thing, but it's not a good thing either. If I don't get a reply from them till May, I'll just attend UF instead.

If I do get a reply, I can finally move out of Florida and go back up North! I've missed the snow and my family. Florida just never did me any good.

-gator chomps- And UF's football team sucks now since Tebow is gone. :/

IB tests: One more month.
The last time I checked though, I have only 14 days left of school till I am gone for good! Well, I'll have to come back for Graduation practice but~ > u <
Oh yeah, and some AP tests..

And I won't even have a summer break since I'll be attending college at a local community college till Spring. Why the hell did I get accepted in the Spring? Dx

So it's basically school at home the more I look at it. I mean, all I'll be doing from now is studying... just not at school.