I don't know how much I can take anymore, srsly.
We got a letter through the door last week saying that they'd be fixing our pavement...
It doesn't even need fixed! Don't fix something that isn't even broken in the first place you God damn degenerates!

What's even weirder is, it's a small amount of pavement they're fixing...
Yet after a whole week, they haven't even finished it yet? Lolwhut?
We're guessing it's the long breaks they get, or the amount of time they spend hamming it up beside the traffic cones.

Anyway, to my main point...The pavement they're fixing is right outside our house, which means s**t loads of noise from 8am till 3pm.
For the first few days, it wasn't that bad...
But then the noise began to build up. Now, as most people already know, I am a nocturnal creature. My bed time will be at 6am or 7am.
But these dumb asshats keep ruining my sleep with their racket!
I think we may have several more days of this...

And yes, I understand that most of the world is awake and up for work at 8am, so it's a reasonable time.
But hey, that wont stop me from complaining.
Unfortunately, for nocturnals, night workers and old folks, sleep is going to be a hard thing to get this week.

It's now around 10am...and the noise is still there! gonk
I may just go out there and run them over with their own truck if this keeps happening.