Well, closer to 3:30, but whatever. That sounded lamer then 3 o'clock, which is full of intrigue or something. ANYWAYS, it's about that time! The time to update my journal! The fact that it's some unearthly hour at night makes it even more legit. That's what my journal is all about; this is ... the essence of me.

So what have I been doing lately, you ask? Oh boy... Where do I start? Did I ever even write about me and Damian breaking up? No? That was in December, a week or two before Christmas. Terrible time to breakup, but it was going to be a terrible thing regardless, and let's face it - it had to happen. Why? Obviously, I didn't like him very much. That's what it boiled down to. It was nice having a boyfriend, and I miss that, but as an individual his quirks irked me. He wasn't the right type of person for me, I suppose.

Then I got a big, fat whopping crush on my guild leader. That turned out about as well as you'd expect, which was not very well at all. He had an irl girlfriend, and some internet girlfriend thing, but anyway that was sort of explained in the last entry. I pretty much lost total interest in him when I found out that he was a dishonest person who didn't really give two shits about me, or about the feelings of most people, and was willing to take advantage of his girlfriend's loving and trustful nature toward him to cheat on her with his internet interest and lie all over the place about it. ********, he obviously thinks everyone is stupid in order for them to believe any of that. Poor girl, she deserves better but she's for him like I was Ricky, and she can't break free. He doesn't seem to have much conscience about treating her like s**t either. Ah, well... I still talk to him sometimes, I guess. We used to be such good friends afterall. At least in my head we were, who the ******** knows about his. I will never approve of his behavior though; never.

I'd say Elsword came in the nick of time. What's Elsword, you ask? It's like Grand Chase except with an updated system and different feel of gameplay. It has more emphasis on the dungeoneering aspect as opposed to PVP and much of the fighting is based on combos. No ridiculous easy OHKOs like GC's whipped up lately. (Even though I love Dio even for all his stupid OPness). There's only three characters thus far and no job changes, but hey, the game was still in closed beta! Yeah, for once I got to be part of a game community from day 1. This let me meet a whole bunch of new people, or even just people who I never got the chance to know before. There's a Skype chatroom in which I talk to them, and I feel immensely attached to them all already. I don't know how they'd feel about that if they saw that though. There's one person in particular I feel I sort of... drawn towards, but I'm trying not to make much of it yet since there's still alot I don't know. Anyways, they're all incredibly cool, some more then others, but that's just how it is I guess. Love being able to talk to and play with them.

Hm... Oh, and it's worth saying that the reason why I'm up so late tonight is because I don't have school for quite a while now! I officially only have one credit left, and I'm going to be taking CO-OP around the end of May to finish up. Where I go from there? Uncertain, but hopefully things go well for me. They have been lately, aside from my total lack of motivation concerning school, my falling-out with Travis because he became alarming amounts of obsessed with me and started exhibiting inappropriate behavior, and the minor drama here and there.

Other positive news include my best friend Azzy moving out on her own this weekend (As if! Are we really growing up that fast??) and I'm going to be helping her transport her stuff to the new location, and... the fact that my cat is perfectly healthy! Yes, he never ended up passing away. I'm not really sure why, but I try not to dwell on the possibilities. All I know now is that he seems to be quite healthy and alive as can be. Once again, he's clawed death in the face, like the true badass he is.

... I guess that's all, really! Until next time! :]