It swims through out my entire body
Diving through my veins to take over my brain
Oh, how the sweet alcohol in me destroys my melancholy
Once more I can breathe before I die in my sleep
Lay on my back and my eyes slip shut
But I see the face of that stupid slut
Let's break up and never make up
I am just dust in your lust driven gut
I know I'm wrong
I'm the one making every single day turn the darkest shade of gray
Your blue skies fade away because I stand in the way
I wish I never met you
And I wouldn't feel it too
The pain of all we've been through
Was let loose
Inside my roots scattered through this body
You're the alcohol inside of me
If I'm at fault for your troubles
Then the fault on you doubles
You pushed me into this the first time
Always leaving the telephone line on stand by
So you can get high and leave me to die
It's a lie that I hate you no matter how bad I want to take you and break you
And make you burn in hell
The same place I fell because of the alcoholic self you made into
So tell me I don't deserve a drug addict's holiday
The one you took when you gave me the pain to replace the shame you felt when you knew you were to blame
When you became the alcohol in my veins
I wish I could take back my name instead of having that black written tack that pins me in the back
To attach me to who you are
Trapping me inside the car you control from afar
Then the alarm goes off in my head
I'd rather be dead than your little puppet
I take the reigns and fill my veins with the medicine to cure my pain
I go insane and take the wheel
Spinning out of control
See, it's the way I feel
Everything surreal starts to be so real
Here I am on this trail which you've been through before
It's true, I'm hurting too
It's not like you should ever care again
You didn't at the start when the drugs were your only friend
And I was lacking in everything to please you
Or ease your mind
So this time, it is I who will be so high in the sky that the lies won't reach me
Stop preaching about how the feeling in me is wrong and stealing your life away
You already killed me on the day you forced the alcohol into my veins
You're getting what you deserve
Because you said it would be forever
You promised we'd die together.