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Wolf's Poetry
There was once a boy and there was once a girl
Existence between the two separated and connected hurt
It wasn't just the distance
That tortured their loss,
But just a fragment,
A sliver of heartache that neither could cross.
They cried and died on the inside
Taking the whole world with them.
Each other.

Take me back to better days
When that night would never fade away
And I could see your face
Glowing beneath Winter rays
Of moon and star light, babe.

They swore to never lose hold
And let go of the past
Yet, she couldn't throw away the old,
First him that made her cry, bleed, and laugh.
He was the Kaleb she knew,
The one she fell in-love with,
The side of him she hated
and broke.
She let go.

Oh, take me back to that night,
A firefly not in sight,
Yet the twinkle in your eye
Became the brightest light
When you looked at me and it was all right.

The fraudulent Gods played in their veins,
Destroying their brains and deeming them ******** insane,
She was ashamed
Of him and herself
For letting the horror tear at them.
She was going backwards,
Becoming the part of him she hated.
The part of him she couldn't overcome.
She continued pushing away,
Pulling out of his grasp
And causing the collapse.

Please, let me go back to before!
When I could never hurt the one I adore
And lock you inside the rain outside my door
While I rot straight to the core
Because you're torn so much more.

She couldn't find it in herself to let go
Of the newly found hate for the good,
Continuing her dreams of the season of snow
Instead of waking up like she should.
He was dying and she wouldn't back down,
Wouldn't let herself, too, drown
like she should have.
Like they promised.

I wish we could go back to better days,
When everyone was no longer in pain
When you stepped off of that train
And everything was okay.
Please, take me back then, babe.

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Tenka Yari
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Oct 23, 2011 @ 04:05am
I Love You, You are My Everything Angelica, and soon, I'll be there and those days will come back when I walk off that train and we can be insane together, where I'll be there and you will be near, we wont be apart and it was like it was from the start, where we were inseparable, where we could never find hate, where our fights were dim and our Love shined greatly, through the night sky even though I wasn't near by we felt the Love that coursed through our veins, that Love that still remains we will be together forever, you always knew, I truly could never leave you, My Love My Baby I'm always here, so don't have that fear, know I'll be there and together our Love shall shine in the night sky for everyone to see, that Our Love is the True Love that doesn't worry me, my heart says we will be together, no matter what the weather, stormy or cloudy, sunny or clear, we will stand side by side, through thick and thin, I'm here don't fret or steer, we walk this road together forever you will see that My Love for you doesn't end and shall never die, I Love You Angelica, so please BabyGirl do not cry.

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