Since 1999 I've dove into the world of Pokemon and 13 years later, I'm still excited when news of new Pokemon games are released.

We begin, as in every new generation, in an all new region, this time the Unova Region. We start off in Nuvema town alongside your rivals Cheren and Bianca, whom like you, is beginning their Pokémon journeys as well under the local Professor, Juniper. Upon reaching the next town, we see a bunch of weird people in white who declare themselves as Team Plasma bent only on releasing Pokémon from the "evil" clutches of Pokémon trainers. Along the way you'll do the same as always, beat all 8 gyms, battle a team organization, and what not. What happens next is all up to you.

Unlike past villainous teams like Team Rocket's Giovani who wanted to steal Pokemon to rule the world or Team Galactic's Cyrus who want's to become a Nihilistic god, Team Plasma is more like the PETA of Pokemon, where they want to liberate Pokemon from humans because we hurt them and they think Pokemon don't like it. I have to give this team new props since the boss (*spoiler) is N, an enigmatic young man who can "hear the hearts" of Pokémon. He isn't overall evil like past bosses, just misguided. Past one creepy Ferris Wheel ride for boys and fanfic worthy for girls, N has to be the most well fleshed characters in the series…ever. You'll certainly build a connection with him. Nevertheless the story seems to be much more dramatic involving the Gym Leaders and even the Champion during the story which finally makes me feel like the Pokémon League is actually trying to do something about the Villainous Team. The story itself seems much more deeper than generations past and I for one found it to be a pleasant experience.

It has been a full 4 years since Generation IV debuted and Black/White blasts out of the gate with a plethora of new features and mechanics. First off, the new region of Unova introduces 156 new Pokemon, surpassing every other generation before, even the very first. Many are spectacular and are complete game changers such as Reuniclus, Whimsicott, and Mienshao, others are less desirable, like Maractus. Still the sheer amount of new Pokémon and for the fact that only new Gen V Pokémon appear in Unova until the end of the game really feels like a fresh start as every encounter will be with a new Pokémon.

There is the intriguing Triple and Rotation Battles. I have managed to try out both and they are both very interesting. Triple battles is exactly what it sounds. 3 vs. 3. A bit tedious but it's quirky. Rotational is triple but the Pokemon in the middle of the three can attack but you can rotate the Pokemon freely to adjust to the situation. Will I continue to try them? Sure but I prefer the standard one-on-one.

The game takes out the old Contest gimmick and instead features a Pokémon Musical. It is much simpler than the old Contest and, unfortunately, is very dull. There is no real motivation to win. There's no strategy, and regardless if your Pokémon is the best in the musical or not, you'll get props. And sorry, no ribbons this time....just props. I will add though that you need to get all props (which means you have to play the musical) if you want to rank up your trainer card.

The graphics, wow, though Diamond/Pearl managed to blend in 3-D Graphics, Black/White really maximizes the DS capabilities. The camera angle changes in certain areas and it's fantastic. And let's not forget the full continuous animated sprites, fantastic job, it's interesting and awesome to see Gallade constantly sheath and unsheathe his elbow-swords. Not to mention the new implement of Seasons, which changes every month. Though they have little affect on the game, the most notable seasons is Winter, in which ice Pokemon appear more frequently. Other than some find rate changes and Deerling and Sawsbuck form changes, Seasons are pure aesthetics.

Naui's Rating: 9.5/10 I won't give a perfect for this game because I know they'll make things better should they go on to Generation VI. Still the game is well deserving and is certainly a great game to end the Nintendo DS line as it shifts into 3DS this month.

Tips: Be versatile. Pick a well rounded team in the beginning. But I have known people who pick one type-teams so know what you're getting yourself into. Also carry lots of Pokeballs you don't want to miss those rare or hard to find Pokemon.

Nonny's Team: Samurott, Unfezant, Krookodile, Reuniclus, Haxorus, and Chandelure,