Idolotry was a failed experment to create another Greed but more controlable. but it made him emotionless,Heartless phychopath, in a normal day he is dry emotionless smokes exessively, he does not care for anyone or anything but himself, but make him excited or angry and he turns into a out of control maniac, with the powers of Greed but only limited to his arms, and the unlocking the Demon inside him, he'll kill merclessly and without prejeduce untill anyone who is around him is dead. being a failed homunculie, he has picked up alot of characteristic of his past life of a serial killer rapist, except he has no intrest in sex or relationships, otherwise he only wishes to kill. His name was given to him because when he goes into rage mode he beleves he is God

hair color:blond
eye color: blue (red when enraged)
powers: armor arms
dislikes: nothing