Greed was created by Dante for what reason is unsure but what is sure is that Greed was locked up in a prison held together by alchamy and his human skull for 300 years. the possible reason he was inprisoned was his natrual character of wanting anything and everything for himself. watching the anime or reading the manga you can see that he is rebelous, cocky, and self serveing. after exscapeing the prison he put togeter a team for himself made from kameras and kidnaped Alphones beleiveing that boy's soul attached to the armor was the key for imortality.Greed took Al to his place of pleasure and buiness, The Devil's Nest.Where Greed got what he want when he wanted, money, women, and good Scotch.that was until Edward his teacher found them and the military chased them off.Greed kept Al with him until he decided to kill Dante the one person he believe could kill him, if you watch the anime you could see a dramatic change in Greed's personality, he became careing of Alphonse and the femal Kamara that fallowed, he made sure she was safe and let Al go free.this was because Greed had a fear of loseing and death, sure enough when he went there Dante took away his invinciblity with Alchomy and his human remains, which drained him of his life, the phylopher's stones that he ate to keep him alive and unable to die. Edward just came at a bad time seeing the old body of Dante destroyed he expected Greed. Greed neither denied or took claim of the murder, to my guess and seeing his character at that scene. Greed knew he was going to die and decided to sacrafice himself to show Edward that Hormonculie can die, in the end he was proud of Edward to have the willingness to kill, and also dieing for the cause of the boy was the least selfish thing he has ever done in his life as a hormonculus

Age:umm400 years old I think
Hair color:black or brown
Eye color:purple
powers: create an indestructable armor on his body
dislikes:his mother and father, uncerity
Drop Dead Sexy