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The Saga Continues:
For the Children

[Having sent the convict to prison, though at a risk, Cruce and Topher have returned to Al's house in order to be dropped off at their own. Cruce stays fairly quiet throughout the short trip back, but Topher seems to talk with a lively tone to Al's mom, as would be expected for a boy like him.]
[They are dropped off.]
Al's Mom: Alright, darlings. I'll wait out here until you're inside.
Topher: Okay. [He hops out of the car.] Thanks so much for dropping us off.
Al's Mom: Certainly! Maybe you two could spend some time with Al during break.
Topher: O-oh, that would be nice! I can't wait. [He smiles, nodding. Cruce climbs out after him, pulling his house keys from his pocket and walking to the front door.]
Cruce: ... [He unlocks the door with Topher behind him.] ... [Silently, he opens it, walking inside and setting his things down on the living room couch.]
Topher: [Concerned for Cruce, he gives Al's mom a wave before entering the house and closing the door behind him.]
Cruce: [He sits next to his things and leans forward with his hands over his face.] Ugh...
Topher: [Dropping his things near the couch, he sits by Cruce.] What's the matter? You were really quiet...
Cruce: It's that voice, Tophs.
Topher: The one you heard this morning?
Cruce: Nah. That is bugging me... [He sits up a little, turning towards Topher.] But it's not that. It's the voice I heard before we flew off from Sycuan. It's the thing that made me fall like that... I don't understand how something could just sap my energy so easily...
Topher: Aw... I don't know what to say Cruce. But we have to be really careful now. They know Shaymin are out there.
Cruce: And even Al is suspicious... jeez... Maybe I shouldn't go to school tomorrow.
Topher: [He rubs Cruce's back with one hand.] ...I didn't want to go... in honesty...
[Cruce looks to Topher.]
Topher: But I went. And I know this is a different reason, but still... we gotta stick together, right? You were there for me when I didn't wanna go. Now it's my turn to be there for you.
Cruce: ...Like you said... this is different... I know you're there for me, but I... I really just don't want to deal with Al tomorrow... He'll be all over me about this, and I don't want to risk it... [He shakes his head.] ...My mom was being held around the neck with a gun to her head...
Topher: [He gasps lightly...] ...
Cruce: ...It shocked me, but I kept calm... Now it's... it's terrible... [He closes his eyes.] She could've died if we didn't get their sooner...
Toher: ...You didn't tell me this... Oh God, Cruce...
Cruce: [He stands, sighing.] Could I have gone back in time like I did during the collision...? I remember when it first happened... Pachi was crushed in the church at school... and it all undid itself in a flash... Could I have done that again...?
Topher: [He, too, stands.] ...Is that... risky?
Cruce: Very... We need to learn how to make full use of our powers. We're not going to stop all the crime in the world... but at least we can protect the ones we love.
Topher: ...We... could be like superheroes... I'm willing to try...
Cruce: Me too. We just gotta be careful is all.
Topher: [He nods, suddenly hugging Cruce with his head resting against his cousin's chest.]
Cruce: [He wraps his arms around Topher slowly.] ...
Topher: ...Are you still going to stay home tomorrow.
Cruce: I'm not sure... I might...
Topher: ...Oh...
[A door opens. Molly walks from her room and out to see the to.]
Molly: [Sees the two hugging.] ...Did you two just get here...? What happened?
Cruce: [Looks up to Molly.] Sis... Al's mom had to drop us off. Mom got into some trouble at work.
Topher: [He steps back a little, letting go of Cruce.] Mhmm...
Molly: What happened to her?
Cruce: She was held hostage for a while at work...
Molly: Oh God, is she okay?
Cruce: Yeah, she's fine now. They got the guy. I don't think anyone was hurt.
Molly: ...That's good... Did you hear when she'd be home?
Cruce: Nah, I didn't hear anything. I heard from her, and she's alright. That's it though.
Molly: Good God, if they caught the guy, then that's grand. Well, her day can't get any worse! Unless she gets into a car crash...
Topher: I hope she can pull herself together again. I imagine that's gonna kinda haunt her.
Molly: It's definitely a traumatizing experience... But at least you two are home safe and she's on her way, I imagine.
[Topher and Cruce walk to their room.]
Topher: [Shuts the door behind him and sighs.] ...This has been... quite a day... [Smiles at Cruce, who is laying back on his bed.]
Cruce: I couldn't agree more. I could if I tried... but I'm exhausted. [He stares up at the ceiling for a few moments before closing his eyes.] Probably the whole energy loss thing from at Sycuan...
Topher: It must be. [He approaches the bed.] 'Cause I'm feeling lively still. I wonder what it was that did that to you... But that can wait, right?
Cruce: It can wait...? I guess... what do you mean...?
Topher: [He drops his stuff and climbs into bed... on top of Cruce.]
Cruce: [His eyes shoot open as he sees Topher on top of him. He fans his arms out to the side.] What the heck, dude?
Topher: [Grins, resting his head on his crossed arms over Cruce's chest.] Hey there, Crucie.
Cruce: ...Are you trying to bang me? [Smirks.] 'Cause that's the impression I'm getting here.
Topher: Oh, I dunno~. I haven't told you what you owe me. It all falls on your decision to go to school tomorrow or stay home. What are you gonna do~?
Cruce: I'm... legitimately afraid to answer that now... I really want to stay home though... Like... a lot.
Topher: Okay, then you owe me two things.
Cruce: Oh, cruel.
Topher: You owe me what you owed from that whole plan of yours... and now this~. [Moves his hands to Cruce's shoulder, massaging softly.]
Cruce: ...[Watches Topher carefully.] ...Tophs... what is "this"?
Topher: [He plants a kiss firmly on Cruce's lips and holds it for a few moments.]
Cruce: [Tries to pull back, but fails to. Topher lifts his head and giggles.] DUDE!
Topher: [He crosses and raises his legs, still laying on his cousin.] How was that?
Cruce: [He wriggles out from underneath Topher, lifting his cousin up and placing him beside him. Cruce sits up, wiping his lips with his jacket sleeve.] Are you freaking serious, man?
Topher: [Giggles again.] Oh, I clearly kissed you~!
Cruce: [Despite Topher's playful demeanor, Cruce glares at him.] Topher. Listen to me. I am -not- like you. I don't like you like that. It's... it's wrong, okay?! Stop being such a f** around me, 'cause I'm fed up with it! [Angered, he steps out of bed and walks out of his room to the restroom.]
Topher: [He sits up as well, frowning.] ...I--... I'm... sorry... [He lowers his head and simply sits quietly...]
[Cruce returns after a few minutes. For a while, he says nothing to Topher as they go about their own business, including homework.]
Topher: [He looks up to Cruce as his cousin stands and walks to the wallscreen. He looks as if he is going to initiate V.] ...Cruce...
Cruce: [Says nothing, continuing what he is doing.]
Topher: Cruce, you know I'm sorry, right...?
Cruce: Hm.
Topher: ...I'm... sorry... I didn't mean to upset you. I'm like that... I can be a little too... playful...
Cruce: Do you even know what "playful" means?
Topher: ...[He lowers his head again.] Of course I do...
Cruce: It doesn't mean whatever you thought it meant earlier.
Topher: ...[He raises his head, slightly upset.] ...C-Cruce, you're confusing me...
Cruce: Oh, let's hear it. Me. Confusing you. Let's just hear what you have to say.
Topher: Y-you let me hug you and cuddle with you and even kiss you on the cheek and stuff, but suddenly this one little fun kiss on the mouth is so wrong?!
Cruce: I tell you every time when you're going too far for me. I'll hug you, but that's different from kissing. Obviously.
Topher: Why can't you just be a little easier on me when it comes to this...?
Cruce: I'm lenient with you beyond a shadow of a doubt. You're not capable of understanding, Topher.
Topher: Understanding what?
Cruce: How a straight person thinks. [He points at his head.] Now, you've given me enough evidence to believe that you've got a little something for Al. What I don't get is why you're chasing me with all of this lovey crap that I honestly don't understand anymore. For all I know, I could still be in two relationships with girls who don't even exists here. If you can't understand straight people, then at least try to understand the only other person on the planet who is like you.
Topher: ...I'm sorry... I was just trying to cheer you up and have some fun... I didn't think you felt so strongly about this.
Cruce: ...Hm... [He faces Topher.] I could be grumpy today... After all, I saw my own mom about to get shot.
Topher: [He nods.] Yeah...
Cruce: I think I give you a very fair warning when you're going too far, Tophs. Now, I'm aware that I snapped. Next time, I'll just give you a warning.
Topher: Well, warnings aren't too good if there's no breaking point eventually... You did have every right to get mad. I'm really sorry.
Cruce: [His lips curl into a smile.] ...I can't stay mad at you... C'mere, Tophs. [He holds out his arms.
Topher: Is it okay to hug you~? [Smiles a tad, standing from the bed.]
Cruce: Yep. I'm also permitting one kiss on the cheek.
Topher: ...[He hugs Cruce, giving him a brief kiss on his cheek.] I love you, Cruce.
Cruce: Love ya too, you little homo, you.
Topher: ...[He giggles, pulling away gently.]
Cruce: [Smirks.] Hey dude... What was that other thing I owed you?
Topher: Oh, don't worry about it~.
Cruce: Nah, really. What was it? I'll be happy to do it if it's not too... um... yeah... [Scratches the back of his head.]
Topher: ...Well...
[Later that night...]
Cruce: [He lays in bed, on his back and with his hands behind his head.] ... [Topher is nowhere to be seen.] You know... ever since Mom got home, she's acted as if nothing happened today... I guess I can understand why and all... Maybe she heard about the little "creatures" the supposedly "saved" her, hm? Would be funny if she found out who those creatures really were.
Topher: [Pokes his head out from the blanket. Again, he is laying on top of Cruce. This time, he is in his black and blue Safan fox form.] Mhmm! It wouldn't be too easy to explain.
Cruce: [Chuckles a little at Topher, moving his arms to pick him up and lay him next to himself. Cruce lays on his side, hugging Topher close and petting him.]
Topher: [Meeps a little bit, but let's Cruce do this.] Oh, and this isn't gay~?
Cruce: Well, now you're a cute little fox. I can snuggle you all I want and feel straight.
Topher: Mhm, I'm sure you do feel straight! After all, you're pretty content with kissing Safans, yeah?
Cruce: Shush, boy. [Smirks.] We're gonna have to get up early so that Mom doesn't walk in and see you like this.
Topher: I know, I know~.
Cruce: Other than that, good night Foxie
Topher: Good night, Cruce... Foxie loves you~.
Cruce: I'm sure he does. "Crucie" feels strong affection for you as well.
Topher: [Giggles softly.] Hmhmm... Your petting feels nice...
Cruce: Heh... I'm glad...
[Within moments, the two are asleep.]
--E n d i n g--
Kind of a cute little ending.

This episode's pretty important regarding later... uh... homosexuality that's bound to appear.