Alright, here's where the shift comes.
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The Saga Continues:
For the Children

[Cruce and Topher have now been waiting for over an hour. Cruce leans against the stone wall while Topher sits near him.]
Topher: C-Cruce... I'm worried about your mom...
Cruce: Me too. She's never forgotten me before. And usually she'll ask Sis to pick me up if she's too busy. Even Al's mom sometimes.
Topher: [He stands, looking around.] ...D-don't we have to go to daycare? [He notices that the kids are now outside playing. They usually send the kids out to play after about thirty minutes inside the main hall.]
Cruce: We had to about forty-five minutes ago. [He shakes his head.] You won't find me doing that, especially since they can't see us up here.
Topher: That's breaking the rules, though!
Cruce: [He shrugs.] I just don't like the kids in there. Past experiences and whatnot.
Topher: Oh... Maybe we could walk home? It's not that far.
Cruce: We could walk. I'm sure Sis is there, and she could let us in. I got a key though... Maybe then we could call Mom and ask what's up, if Sis hasn't already done that.
Topher: Gosh, we really need cell phones, don't we?
Cruce: Only absolutely. Or abso-truly, as Slianna would say.
Topher: Hm... Are you ready to go?
Cruce: Ready. I've never walked home before. Glad It'll be with you.
Topher: Me too... [Gulp.]
Cruce: ...Or... [He strokes his chin in thought.]
Topher: Hm? Or? [Watches his cousin curiously.]
Cruce: We don't need to walk. We could fly.
Topher: !! Cruce! That's kinda reckless! Out in broad daylight? We'll be seen...
Cruce: Not if we fly fast enough.
Topher: Okay, well, what about our stuff? I don't wanna be carrying all this.
Cruce: Good point... [He gives it a moment's thought.] ...Tell you what. Al's house is closer. Let's head there. They'll happily let us stay for a while.
Topher: [He blushes.] O-oh... yay...
Cruce: [Smirks.] Right. Okay, follow me. These streets are a little different when cars are on 'em.
Topher: Thought they might be!
(C r u c e -- T o p h e r)
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-El Cajon Streets.-

[As they leave the campus, they find it a fairly easy walk, not even having to cross the street once.]
[As the walk becomes an uphill one, the weight of their backpacks is a bit evident. Though this is practically nothing to them. Their strength has been amplified many times. The magic inside of their bodies remains, empowering them supernaturally. This walk is of the easiest of tasks.]
[They run into two boys their age on the sidewalk. One of them has fallen off of his bike. He is sitting up on the concrete with a scraped knee. The other his at his side, crouched down, drinking a bottle of water.]
Kyle: [He has slightly curly blond hair with a bit of freckles. He is tall and skinny, much like his friend.] ...Hey, I have an idea. [He reaches for his own water nearby and pours some of it on his wound. He wipes a bit of the blood off.]
Jacob: [He has long dark brown hair, falling passed his shoulders. He is about as tall as Kyle.] Ouch. Man, you flew...
Kyle: I felt the--you know how when you try to throw your hands out when you fall? I felt my hands get stuck behind... I think it was the handlebars. I saw them when I flipped over the thing.
Jacob: Oh, yeah. Guess you could've broken your wrists if you landed on them.
[Cruce and Topher approach.]
Cruce: Oh. [He notices the two.] Hey, everything alright over here?
Kyle: Yeah, I'm fine. I've had worse.
Jacob: This happens to one of us like every week.
Kyle: [Laughs.] It happens every day.
Jacob: [He imitates the scenario.] Oh God, my knee! Oh God, my other knee! Oh God, my first knee. It's like it just rips off by then.
Kyle: Oh God, my face!
Cruce: Heh, well alright. C'mon Tophs.
Topher: Okay.
[They move on ahead. The two other boys continue sitting and taking a break from their biking.]
Cruce: [They now approach Al's driveway.] You, I could swear... I've seen those guys around before.
Topher: Do they go to the school?
Cruce: Oh, no. I mean, I think I've seen them biking around that Greenfield school. We were pretty close.. Oh well. We're here anyway.
[They walk up to the front door.]
Topher: [He watches Cruce ring the doorbell.] Mm, this is a house I'll have to remember.
Cruce: ...Why's that? [Eyes him suspiciously.]
Topher: Noooothing!
[Surprisingly enough, Al answers the door with money in his hand.]
Al: Hey--Oh wait, you're not the pizza guy. Cruce? Topher? What's going on?
Cruce: Listen, Al, we got a bit o--
Topher: Hi Al! [Giggles.]
Cruce: [Stares at Topher...] ... [Returns his attention to Al.] Listen, we got a bit of a situation. Mom never picked us up. We were wondering if maybe you knew what was wrong?
Al: Oh, really...? Huh, I dunno what to tell you. You can come in though. My mom won't mind.
Al's Mom: [She walks out from the kitchen.] Oh, Cruce, darling! Janet never picked you two up?
Cruce: Nah, 'fraid not. [The two walk inside. Cruce further explains the situation.] We waited for a little over an hour and nothing. I took Topher here with me to your guys' house 'cause... well... yeah...
Al's Mom: Oh, well I'm glad you came here!
Al: Yeah, good choice. Close place.
[Shaun walks from the kitchen.]
Shaun: Oh, s'up guys?
Cruce: Hey Shaun. Just hangin' here for a bit too?
Shaun: Yeah. So what's up, you can't get a ride?
Cruce: Uh-huh, we waited for a while, and... [Shrugs.] 'Guess something went wrong.
Al's Mom: Well you two make yourselves comfy and have Al get you drinks. Pizza is on the way. I'll call Janet to make sure everything is okay.
[As she finishes speaking, the living room's TV catches their attention. Following commercials, a breaking news report makes itself known to them.]
Anchorwoman: We have just received word of a hostage situation taking place at Sycuan Resort. Thirty-five year-old Francis Vorkuta, convicted of previous felonies and other misdemeanors, is holding the staff of Sycuan office members hostage. The situation is now two hours in progress. Police have surrounded the small office building, but the convict has shown no signs of relenting thus far.
Al's Mom: Oh my God... [She covers her mouth.]
Cruce: ... (That small office... the former white house... on the Sycuan golf course...) [He stands silent, with a firm glare on his face.] ... [He walks to the couch and sets his things down before bolting out the front door.]
Al's Mom: Cruce! Wait!
Al: I got him. [Starts after Cruce.]
Topher: !! No! [He sets his things down quickly.] I-I'll get him! Al, wait! [He follows Al out the door.]
Al: Cruce! You crazy or somethin--[He notices that Cruce as he knows him isn't standing on his front lawn. Instead, a white, four-legged creature with wing-like ears and green spiky hair is.] ...
Topher: [He gasps, standing behind Al.]
Al: What the hell...?
[The creature turns his head and flies off into the distant sky quickly.]
Al: ...[Watches Topher, who runs to the lawn.] ... [Al stands, speechless.]
Topher: ...[He tries desperately to play along with the events that just happened.] Cruce...? ... [Turns back to Al.] What was that thing...?
Al: I... I don't know... Where'd Cruce go?
Topher: ...Um... [He looks ahead...] ! Oh! [He points to the street.] There he is! [Topher runs after this imaginary Cruce.]
Al: W-wait! [Throws an arm out.] ... [He stands, baffled at this display.] ...Wh-...What just happened...?
Topher: [He turns right as he leaves the small neighborhood. He finds a small break in someone's fence, leading to their backyard. He crawls through the hole.]
Kyle: [Nearby with Jacob. He watches Topher do this.] What was that?
Jacob: [Now standing.] Wasn't that one of the dudes we saw?
Kyle: Yeah. Wanna check it out?
Jacob: A'ight.
[The two, now standing, move to the broken fence with their bikes, looking inside. Suddenly, a small creature flies out before them. This creature is shaped like the one that flew from A's lawn. It is black with dark purple hair, however. Instead of a red scarf, it has an ocean blue one. It stops, looking at the two boys, who stand dumbfounded.]
Topher: [He is the creature.] ...Please don't tell anyone about this... Please. [With that, he flies off quickly, following after the other creature. Cruce.]
Jacob: Was that... him...?
Kyle: I think it was...
Cruce: [Flying ahead, high in the sky so that he may blend with the clouds. Topher, however, flies faster than he, and manages to catch his attention by yelling his name.]
Topher: CRUCE!!
Cruce: [Stops, turning around in midair.] ...
Topher: [Flies up to him.] Cruce! What're you, crazy?! Al saw you change!
Cruce: He just saw Shaymin. He didn't see Cruce.
Topher: I bet you he did! What kind of reckless act was that supposed to be?!
Cruce: An act I won't regret. [He flies ahead.]
Topher: ...Ugh! Stubborn! [Follows him.]
(C r u c e -- T o p h e r)
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-El Cajon Skies.-

[The two fly fast in the direction of Janet's workplace.]
Topher: [He follows Cruce.] Cruce, do you even know where you're going? [Looks down for a few seconds and speaks quietly.] God, I hope no one can see us...
Cruce: I know where Mom works, Tophs. I know it's passed Granite Hills. Trust me, a golf course is hard to miss with a bird's eye view.
Topher: Well, sure! [Looks back up.] But what are we going to do when we get there?! Are we just going to waltz on in as is and risk someone getting shot as well as us being exposed?!
Cruce: No one will know it's us.
Topher: Yeah! Not then! The whole thing is being broadcast on the news. I'm sure they'll figure it out eventually!
Cruce: Then I have an idea. Only Al saw me as Shaymin... and only Shaymin.
Topher: ...What're you getting at?
Cruce: [He looks down at the upcoming hills. The two have already flown a few miles. The hills are a couple more miles ahead.] Let's pick up the pace. [He flies a bit faster, exceeding freeway speeds; generally a dangerous speed.]
Topher: !! [He flies just as fast, keeping up as best as he can.]
-Singing Hills.-

Topher: Is this the place?
Cruce: Yeah. This is where I was taken to go golfing with Al and his dad. Mom works here as a secretary. She works in a small white building that used to be a house. It's owner's gone now... well sorta.
Topher: The owner of the white house? What do you mean "sorta"?
Cruce: It's been said that she's still there... Just not alive.
Topher: The place is haunted?! Cruuuuce!
Cruce: She's not going to get you... If anything, she'll be happy for what we're about to do. [He looks down at the golf course, scanning for the white house... He spots it. And in its parking lot, a gathering of Awgo officers and police cars have surrounded the building. In addition, a news crew is broadcasting this live. An officer's voice over a megaphone can be heard. It is officer Raymond.]
-Sycuan Resort.-

Officer Raymond: Francis Vorkuta. The company is -not- the scapegoat. Do -not- do anything you will regret.
[The police line is armed and ready, however this is an impasse. The convict is unstable, and potentially prepared to put a bullet through the skull of any staff member inside.]
Francis: [Holding one of the staff members at gunpoint.] I don't care what they say... it's all over. It's... it's all over...
[The staff member is the shaken Janet. The others are forced to remain in the main office.]
[Cruce and Topher dive into the trees and silently overlook the situation. The small parking lot is packed with Awgo officers. One of the second floor windows seems to be wide open.]
Cruce: [Notices the window.] One of those windows are open. It's big enough for me to get through.
Topher: There's absolutely no way you're getting in there without being seen... C-Cruce, I don't think this is such a hot idea.
Cruce: Just stay cool. I have a plan. Topher, I need you to run out and distract the officers. Do it as a human.
Topher: Wh--are you out of your mind!?
Cruce: Shhh! ...You keep that up, and you'll distract them in the wrong way, dude. Just do this... my mom... your aunt... she's in danger here.
Topher: ...'Kay... But you owe me.
Cruce: [Shakes his head.] Owe you? What do I owe you?
Topher: We'll talk about it later. I'm going now. Be ready! [He flies out of the tree with his plan in mind. Behind the bushes, he changes back into a human , hoping the magical display doesn't grab attention...] M-mom?! Is my mom in there?!
[One of the officers turn around as this boy runs into the police line. It is Gordon.]
Officer Gordon: Whoa, whoa boy. Get back! We have a situation here!
[The other officers look for a moment to see Topher.]
Officer Raymond: [Looks back.] Ugh, that poor boy...
Topher: [He fakes tears, rubbing his eyes. He moves to Gordon's side.] H-help her! Please! Please help my mom!
Officer Gordon: Hey, hey. [He places his free hand on the boy's shoulder.] It's going to be alright, son. Just calm down... We'll get your mom outta there.
Cruce: [He nods, jolting out of the tree with a bit of noise. He flies for the window.]
[A few officers look back at the tree.]
Officer Raymond: [He looks back at the house, noticing a flash of white at one of the windows.] Hm...?
Cruce: [Inside the office building, he sets down on the ground.] (Nice going, Tophs. Good thing no one's up here... Got lucky there. Alright, just to be safe...) [He lowers his head for a moment, letting himself transform into a second form...]
(C r u c e)
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[Now a Safan -- a different identity -- he moves forward like a hunter. He is quiet and steady, his ears back...]
[He locates the stairway leading down to the main office. This is where the scene is unfolding.]
Cruce: [Silently, he peers out through the railing of the stairs. He wants to cry out when he sees his own mother at gunpoint, but he forces himself to remain quiet... He plans the best way to approach this... mind magic.] ... (Got it...) [He casts telekinesis slowly... Using this he subtly gains control of the movements of Francis' body. As he does this he forces the muscles in the convict's upper body to relax. His arms fall. He drops the double barrel cut-off shotgun. As this happens, Janet rushes away from him. She runs back to the other staff members, shaken and tearing up.] ... (Step two...)
Francis: Agh--what the [********] is going on?! I can't move!!
Cruce: [Focuses on lifting the convict's entire body in the air. The staff members watch, terrified but relieved. With a quick surge, Cruce tosses the man through the doors, which fly open. He is thrown to the ground outside.]
Officer Gordon: Bingo! [He and a few other officers rush for the convict, instantly binding him to the ground.] On your stomach! Now!
[The convict rolls over with his hands pulled behind his back.]
Officer Gordon: You are under arrest, Francis Vorkuta! Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in court of law!
Topher: [He smiles.] (He actually did it!) [He takes this opportunity to run back to the bushes. Quickly, he changes into the black Shaymin and flies up to the tree, concealed again.]
Francis: Ah, s**t! Fine, you got me, but I'm tellin' you, that ********' place is haunted!! I was lifted to my feet! [He is brought up and to one of the police cars.] I'm telling you the truth!
Officer Gordon: [Forcing the convict to the car.] Of course.
Francis: This isn't about Sycuan anymore!! My body froze! I didn't just jump out of the front door on my own accord! [He is shoved into the car.]
Staff Member: [One of Janet's close friends. She holds Janet close.] It's okay, it's okay... She came to help us...
Janet: [Completely silent...] ... [Her breathing is controlled.]
Cruce: ... (That felt great... Time to hit the sky.) [He makes his way back to the window... He changes back into his white Shaymin form. Before he can jump out the window, his head throbs.] ...Ahh... Ahhh!! [He drops to his chest.] What's going on...? What's... that...? [His vision blurs. He hears a whispering voice that sounds like an aged woman...]
"Who are you...?"
Cruce: ...I'm... Cruce... Please, I have to go... I can't stay...
[Suddenly, two staff members run up to this room after having heard the shout from Cruce. They spot the white creature on the floor.]
Staff Member: What the--? [Freezes.]
Cruce: [His long ears move back. He stands, regaining strength slowly.] !! [He leaps out the window, taking flight. The weight of the astral energy persist on him, however. He falls slowly, landing on all fours, then laying down in the lot, incapable of moving.] Agghhh...
[A few of the officers look in his direction. They rush up to this creature, guns ready.]
Officer Gordon: What the hell...? [He calls back to the others.] No one leave with Francis! He might be onto something!
Officer Raymond: [Crouching down at this creature.] What... is this...? Is this an animal?
Awgo Officer: Looks like a tiny reindeer...
Topher: [Gasps.] Cruce!! Oh God... Oh no... what was he thinking?!
Awgo Gordon: Agh, dammit! Where'd that boy run off to?! [He looks around for Topher.]
Officer Raymond: [Looks back at Gordon.] ...What in the world is happening here...? [He looks at the creature before him, who is conscious, but weak. It is laying on its side.]
Cruce: ...(Gotta... move... this is bad...)...
Officer Raymond: [He places a palm on the creature's chest.] It's breathing...
Cruce: (Gotta... go... now...!) [Summoning all the strength he can at the moment, he crawls forward, then forces himself up. He starts flying.]
Awgo Officer: It flies?! [Points his gun at it.]
Officer Raymond: [Stands, lowering the other officer's arm.] Don't. We don't want to hurt it... I should've held it down better. Someone grab the tranquilizers! Quickly!
Cruce: [It is too late. Cruce is already flying off back into the sky. Luckily, he received very little attention from the cameras... however, he is known now.]
[He is joined by Topher.]
Topher: Cruce! I knew this was a bad idea! What happened to you down there, I don't see any wounds... Why'd you let them almost capture you!?
Cruce: ...T-...Topher, uh... Something happened... down there...
Topher: [He recognizes the troubled tone in Cruce's voice.] ...Is... everything alright?
Cruce: ...I... I don't know... But Mom's safe. They all are... Bad guy's going to jail... Let's get our stuff at Al's place.
Topher: Alright. I remembered a place we can dive down and change back safely.
Cruce: Got'cha.
[They hurry back to the house...]
[After just under ten minutes, they return to their home area. Topher leads Cruce down into the shady backyard with the hole in the fence. There, they both convert back to their original selves without being seen on the way down or during transformation.]
-El Cajon Streets.-

Cruce: Okay, I don't know what Al's gonna say... but...
Topher: Just follow my lead! I pretended like I saw you running up the street. Just say I brought you back, 'kay?
Cruce: Took an awful long time for you to do that then.
Topher: Oh hush. You still owe me something... I'll tell you what it is when we get home.
Cruce: Alright, alright...
[The two turn the corner and walk to Al's house's driveway.]
Topher: [Knocks on the door...] ...
[Al's mom opens it.]
Al's Mom: Oh, thank God you two are okay. Cruce, what happened?
Cruce: ...Sorry... I got a little... well...
Topher: It's okay, I caught up with him. Was it okay if we came back here?
Al's Mom: Certainly, darlings! Oh, you missed quite a show! I wish you could've seen what happened.
Al: [Having been sitting on the living room couch with Shaun. He looks back.] You guys alright?
Shaun: Yeah, you ran outta here, man.
Topher: We're okay! What happened?
[Cruce and Topher walk inside, standing behind the couch.]
Shaun: Holy crap, I don't even know. [He faces the TV. Officer Raymond is being interviewed.] It was intense.
Officer Raymond: I've never seen anything like it. Some sort of white creature with these huge ears flew off before all of us. It came out of the house... Officer Gordon reported a worried boy vanishing from the scene. The convict also mentioned a strange occurrence within the building, something about being lifted into the air.
Al: I saw the whole thing... I saw that white thing... It was here. I know it. I saw it here... [He looks back to Topher and Cruce.]
Topher: I-I saw it too... Maybe there're more of them?
Al: ...[Shakes his head.] It looked like a Pokémon... Weird...
Cruce: ...[Lowers his head.]
Officer Raymond: We don't know if there is any connection between these happenings, but we're going to continue the search for this "white reindeer". It looked as if it defied nature itself, so it's more than worth investigating. There could be more. Who knows?
Al: I doubt there's more...
Cruce: ...(Al... He's suspicious...) Whatever it is, I didn't get to see it. Was it really here too...?
Al: ...[He turns back to Cruce and glares.] ...You know it was...
Topher: U-um, I don't think he saw, Al! Cruce was already up the street... I could barely catch up to him... It took a while getting to him.
Cruce: [Scratches the back of his head.] Sorry... I kinda freaked...
Al: Hm... Fine... But it was here... Topher and I saw it.
[Suddenly, the phone rings. Al's mom answers...]
Al's Mom: Oh gosh, are you okay...? ...Okay... Yes, he's here. He came to us with his cousin... ...Mhmm, of course... ...Yes, I'll drop them off... ...Oh, they're fine. Cruce was very worried... he ran out with the intention of coming to help, I think. His cousin ran after him though. They're safe.
Topher: ...[Sighs.]
Cruce: [Looks to Topher... He pulls him close with one arm around his shoulder.] Mom's safe... [He smirks.] (...That did feel good... If only that voice didn't screw me up... What the heck was that?)
[Al's Mom hangs up the phone.]
Al's Mom: Cruce? That was your mom... She says she's alright. She's a little traumatized, but she'll be okay. She wants me to drop you two off.
Cruce: Alright. Hey Shaun, could you grab my backpack? [He is handed his backpack and lunchbox.] Thanks.
Topher: [His stuff is up against the wall. He picks it up himself.]
Al's Mom: [She grabs her keys from the kitchen counter top.] You two ready?
Cruce: Yep. Sorry for the trouble.
Al's Mom: It's okay. It's perfectly understandable.
"(But it's far from understandable...)"
"(...I don't even fully understand what happened...)"
--E n d i n g--
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