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Eizo's Musings
Just for whatever I feel like posting into it, be it daily life or Gaia stuff.
Active Roleplaying Cast
Subject to changes; Currently WIP
A listing of characters in my cast that I feel like playing the most. I may or may not be running other characters in addition to those listed here, but regardless, these are the ones that I want to play.

Strata Ignultias - Forced-subservient Fire Entity
Dialogue Color Code: (If applicable) #ff6600
Basic Information: In what would best be described as a raging hothead with a thin civilized veneer, Strata is her element given human(oid) form. Called forth to Earth from the Fire Plane, she is bound by magical contract to serve whomever it is holds the key to her bonds.
Considering both her pyrokinesis and ability to burn hot enough to turn titanium into slag, she serves best as a personal servant (not slave, sexual or otherwise; she will make sure her master knows the difference via blazing inferno) and/or bodyguard. As a Fire Entity, she looks down upon the flammable human race and does not desire relations other than that which she has been forced into, if she desires relations at all. The only known desire she has shown, as far as any sort of trait that could be mistaken for absolute loyalty in protecting her charge(s), is the desire to be the one to end her master's life.
She has two forms; one is known as the Planar Form. This is her native form and the one she is expressly forbidden by her contract to use unless given permission/commanded to do so. The other is human (top, right center), using colors in her wardrobe that denote her elemental affiliation. Her weapon skill in human form is the use of a saber or rapier, by way of European fencing.

Katarina S. Acheron - Mafia Don-like vampiress
Dialogue Color Code: (If applicable) #990000
Basic Information: Born in 1147 AD in Prague, Germany, Katarina had tailor parents and a Crusader noble husband at 21. Two years later and she was rogue vampire. Considerable traumas throughout her 860-some long life have turned her cynical, celibate, and what psychiatry calls "mentally ill" to some degree. She was once lead interrogator for her clan, which she now rules, and quite ruthless in the practice. She was also highly effective.
As leader of the Acheron clan, she is no-nonsense and has a low tolerance for all the beating around the bush that new blood and mortal audiences both tend to do. It's resulted in quite a few tense negotiations and a couple of putting-in-places. Hypocritically, she's quite the talker herself, if tending towards blunt and cut-to-the-chase.
Weapons choices are a gilt-handled rapier and twin Glock 21-.45 caliber pistols. Is familiar with most martial arts styles but is far more likely to turn to the sword or guns.

*Johnathan Richards Acheron - Butler to Kat
Dialogue Color Code: (If applicable) #000099
Basic Information: Born in 915 AD, somewhere in present UK. Johnathan was once a cruel b*****d of a noble. Ruling with an iron hand, his serfs often wished harm, death, illness, and a number of other ill-wishes upon him through whomever claimed do be able to do such a thing. His ill-wishers seemed to only prolong his life. As he himself has said, "You know what they say about the good and dying young. One could not call me good."
He finally fell to his vampiric sire out of a trio when he was in his late 40s. Extremely old for the times. During this time he was debased and made to serve the three. Nearing death, he was turned at 53 and forced under the hand of the incumbent Acheron lord. He learned over the years what to and what not to do as a servant. His cool, calculating ways coupled with a cutting wit and brilliant mind have made him invaluable to every leader of the Clan.

*Salizar Inglese Acheron - Consigliere to Kat
Dialogue Color Code: (If applicable) #006600
Basic Information: Born in 1485 AD near Catania, Sicily.

Rori H. Mauer - Rogue vampire
Dialogue Color Code: (If applicable) #cc0000
Basic Information:

Soren Kilgore - Human mage
Dialogue Color Code: (If applicable) #6633cc
Basic Information: A 22 year old dual-foci Ice/Blood mage, Soren hailed from a small town and a small Mage's Academy, where she was known as the darkest, most smart-mouthed individual in the class due to her choice of Blood Focus and proficiency with a scythe. But with this choice came negative impacts. In one such case, she was accused of causing a deadly heart attack in an elderly man she had befriended as a grandfather of sorts shortly after she learned how to cause them.
Later, the town was taken and annexed to the encroaching Empire. She personally fell to and was detained by an Audiomancer and commander in the Imperial Armed Forces, and later assimilated into the army. Her smartassery and rebellious spirit were quickly crushed, harnessed, and redirected into making her a far more powerful mage than what she had graduated as from her Academy. She still has and uses that icy tongue, however she reserves it for those she doesn't know and those she knows she can push it with.

"*" denotes accompaniment characters by default. I'm quite used to playing multiple characters at once and have all the proof I need in one thread offsite.

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