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Journal of Kusugari
I have a long story I plan on continuing every day. I hope you enjoy my writing, and I hope you can point out places that need improvement.
Hapy Birthday Special!!!
I, Kusugari, on March 7, 2011, have turned 16. Now, as a present to you all, I will get you a sneak peek of part 2 of my story! I assure you, anything you thought you knew about this story will be BLOWN AWAY in part 2. Enjoy!

"Alert, security breach, section 6-33-A. Repeat, security breach, section 6-33-A. Detecting several different variations of subjects from different dimensions. Please destroy the intruders before gates collapse and test subjects re in jeopardy."
Well, since you asked so nicely...

Silence opened the hatch to his rarely-used sleeping quarters, mechanical guards and cybernetic security personnel running through the hallways and almost bumping into him. Almost, because they recognized who Silence was immediately and knew what would happen if they got within 2 metres of him at their current speed.

Following behind, Silence elbowed his way to the front, knowing that his Masters would want him there to lead the defenses. Rounding another corner, Silence entered one of the new 'homes' for the citizens of conquered dimensions, almost resembling futuristic dog cages. In fact, that was pretty much what they were-cages for animals, lower-life forms who, despite having a basic concept of math, geometry, chemistry, and more, are still considered rabid animals to be tested on for science.

But that wasn't what Silence was focused on. No, in the centre of the room, stood a small team of soldiers, some humanoid, others, not so much, even Carter Richards in their ranks. All were from different dimensions, but seemed banded together for one purpose-stop the tyranny of the Brotherhood. But Silence was focused on just one of them. So shocked, he dropped his shadows that hid his face, his eyes wide and uncomprehending. In front of him, though a few years older, was Corvan Deviljho, Silence's best friend.
It was impossible, since Silence saw him die. Rubble and rocks came down, masonry flying towards the younger Corvan. But here he stood, as tall and confident as ever. His wore light armour, his weapons of choice a longsword and a shortsword, both in sheathes at his waist. Corvan had dark brown, straight hair, going down to the top of his neck. He still had the single scar on his cheek that Silence had given him so long ago, during a fight that sparked their friendship.
Corvan, too, was surprised. His eyes brimmed with tears, a small smile on his face.
"Dear God...is it really you, Phantom? Wh-what are you doing here? I thought...I thought the flames got you. Damn, you really are a ghost, aren't you? Nothing can touch you..."
Something in Silence's stomach turned upon hearing his old nickname. He didn't smile, he didn't even blink. His mind just couldn't accept what was in front of him.
"...C-Corvan? I-Is that really you..?"
Corvan smiled warmly, not seeming to register the armed security forming behind Silence.
"Yeah, it's me, your buddy Devil."
One of Corvan's comrades tapped him on the shoulder, then whispered,
"Sorry to break up this reunion, but we got an army of killer robots coming at us."
Corvan blinked and turned to the girl, then back towards Silence, finally noticing the mechanoids behind him.
"Phantom, behind you! Get out of the way!"
Corvan started to step forward, but a large soldier behind him held his shoulder and shook his head when Corvan looked at him. Corvan didn't seem to accept the situation.
Neither did Silence. He hadn't moved an inch, his face growing dark, the shadows clouding his face again. His head was looking down, like a shadow of a person.

Bounding out, ready for combat, the Brotherhood member Antroz stopped to see Silence standing still. Being one of the members who used their telepathic and psychic powers to convince Silence to join their cause, he knew who Corvan was and what his presence was doing to Silence. Antroz hung back, his eyes glowing as he used his telepathic powers on Silence before they lost him...

Finally, words escaped Silence's throat.
"No...impossible. You're dead, dead, I saw it with my own eyes...all because of me.."
Silence's voice started to tremble just like the rest of his body was, becoming ragged and filled with sorrow. He clutched his head, as if in pain, shaking it and continuing his rant.
"You're dead! You aren't there, you can't be there...I know you can't, it was my actions that caused you to die! Because of me, everyone is dead! You are...you're a fake! You aren't real!"
He stopped shaking his head, but he continued to tremble, as if his body was trying to keep itself from exploding.
"No! You're just pretending to be him! A trick to get me away from the darkness! But you can't, there's no point...I've got too much blood on my hands! I'm abhorrent, a killer! Get away from me, and stop ruining the memory of my best friend!"
Corvan started to step forward, worried about his former friend's sanity before Silence's wrist blades extended, and he looked up at Corvan, glowing green eyes escaping the darkness behind the hood.
"I'm going to kill you for this, make your end bloody and painful!"
Silence suddenly shot forwards and swung a blade at Corvan's face, Corvan blocking the blow and pushing back hard, only to find Silence using the momentum for a harsh kick to the shin. Corvan fel to one knee, but brought up his weapons up to block the savage slash from Silence.
"Stop it, It's me! What the hell is wrong with you?"
Silence started pushing harder, Corvan falling back more, before trying to stab Corvan in the stomach. Around them, the security had followed Silence's lead and attacked. None got close to Silence, since normally they were destroyed in the process of helping Silence.
Corvan dived away, rolling and stopping at a wall. He stood up just to duck again as a blade buried itself where his head would have been.
"Get a grip, I'm you best friend! Don't you recognize me!?"
Silence snarled in response and activated the cable function of his wristblades, trying to look the cord around Corvan's neck, who shouldered Silence in the stomach, stopping the attack. Silence swung both weapons from left to right, where Corvan deflected them back into the wall and forced them to get stuck, to buy time to talk.
"Phantom, I survived! There was a hole in the wall when it came down, I ju-"
Silence's eyes glowed brighter, screaming,
He ripped the blades out and tried to disembowel Corvan, who jumped back in time to avoid the attack, but Silence was too fast. He grabbed Corvan be the neck and hauled him off his feet, gripping so tightly Corvan could hardly breathe.
"SHUT UP SHUT UP! You aren't him, you're dead! I saw it with my own eyes! I BURIED MY FAMILY! I did what I could to leave a marker for you, and..."
A drop of water, fell from Silence's hood, Corvan suddenly understanding how the sentence ended.
"Her too, huh?"
Silence growled, a lot less human this time. Corvan tried to pretend to not notice,
"Wow, day before you were going to propose...That was your plan, right? With the tournament, bring honour back to your family name, then the next day after you had the big ceremony and you become a knight with all that junk, and next you were gonna propose. Granted, you still had a few years till you were old enough, but you two were gonna last..."
Silence only nodded slowly, until the last sentence. Anger flew out again as he threw Corvan onto the ground.
"STOP IT! Stop talking like you know me, because you don't! You're not Devil, you're a fake!"
He raised his arm, energy gathering forth, about to finish Corvan when he suddenly lost consciousness. Behind him, Antroz stood, the members of Corvan's team captured. Antroz looked disapprovingly at Corvan, but didn't say a word. He grabbed Devil and hauled him off to the more restricted sections where he could be studied without seeing Silence...

During the security breach, power was temporarily cut off to several cells. This gave most virtually no time, since the power outage lasted for seconds before backup power came on....

A smog formed on the outside of a cage, it's previous occupant given the exact time he needed to teleport before becoming stuck again. When reformed, a hideous creature stood, looking human, but contorted and corrupted by shadows, replacing parts of his very flesh. Smiling, the being started calmly walking down the hallway. The empty cage was set to house Experiment GM-13168.

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