heart Hey guys. Been a while.This is multiple colors at the moment. I know some of you might get aggravated with that, but of well.This is next to last change.Okay, to what I was really going to do. So one guy left me last month, another asked me out a few days later, I said yes, I've been happy as heck ever since. I've started writing again, singing more, it's like I can really get my emotions out again. By the time the last relationship ended I felt worn down and ragged and my eyes were colorless. My eyes are usually vibrant color either green or blue or a nice mix of them, but they were this colorless gray. I looked in the mirror not long after my bf asked me out, and my eyes have color to them. They shine again.

I spend 6 hours on the phone with my bf talking the other night. That's the longest call I've ever had and we were talking almost the full time. He'd get called here and there and we'd have our moments where we just smiled and laughed.

It's like time flies when I'm waiting to text him around the time he gets up, and when I'm talking with him or texting him or messaging him time goes slower than you can imagine, giving me the feeling that I've got all the time in the world with this man and I've got everything to look forward to again.

Go on, try to bring me down. I've already fought lies, cheating, and more. I'm happy. You can't bring me down.