My quest for the Staff of the Angels has proved to be a pretty folly-filled one thus far. Though I did manage to sell my M Gaia Shirt, it was at a pretty low price (like 500k exactly) and I still only would have had somewhere around 590k total. So, I was still several 10,000's short of the lowest buy price of 620,000.

I happened to mention I was questing for the staff to a few people on Gaia, mainly this kid who I was trying to offer my M Gaia Shirt and 90k to. He wouldn't budge and told me I should sell the M Gaia Shirt soon because it was dropping in price. It was too, I barely managed to get 500k out of mine because it dipped to almost 400k.

As if that weren't fishy enough, the staff of the angels suddenly jumped 11% from a low of 640k to 700k.

Suffice it to say, I get the impression that the people here won't mess with an item for months until they hear someone is interested in it, then talk to people and work to jack up its price.

So, I really don't know if I am even going to bother with the staff of the angels. I mean, I did manage to get the angelic wind and the angelic earmuffs, and those do look pretty cool on me. And maybe that's good enough. I am 22, and I don't have the time or drive to sit here and save up loads of non-existant money for pictures.

I think I might mess around on the games some more, and try to keep up with holiday events. I tried pinball for the first time the other day and it was okay. Didn't feel like it handed out a reasonable amount of gold though.

~ Ovi