So, now that I've finished the quest for Fallen Wish... I'm now questing for Case Of Pietro/Shadowlegend and as side quest Black, Gray and White Body Dye...

Donators list(Loved by me):
* Gallery Of Suicide donated 35k and 44 Black Inks heart
* hanafan36 donated 5 Black Inks heart
* A PICKLE FOR A NICKLE donated 40 Black Inks, 2 White Inks and a Black Body Dye 4laugh heart heart
* xXBing-BingXx donated 14 Black Inks heart
* Revengeful_Muffin donated 23 Black Inks, 1 White Ink, 17 Blue Inks, 14 Green Inks, 11 Yellow Inks, 1 Orange Ink, 9 Red Inks and 9 Brown Inks heart

Now this is a semi-quest, since I don't have "much" time/ways of making gold on Gaia I'll leave it as a semi-quest and trying to get it anyway... And now I'll change the Winged Anklets for Case Of Pietro/Shadowlegend any gen. because I really want those two and they aren't as "expensive" as Winged Anklets...