Ahh, it snowed this weekend once more. The fuss hasn't been as big as the " behemoth " of a snowstorm we had the previous week, but the amount of snow is about the same. Without the wind, that is. Schools have been shut down for the moment, seeing as the roads have a nice even glaze of ice and melted snow over them, and I am currently awaiting three o' clock. Why, you ask? Well, even if you don't ask, I plan to tell you. Simple enough, I have a dentist appointment. Only on days like these do I wish I could stop time in it's tracks. I've never seen the appeal of a man, wearing a funky mask and gloves, sticking his fingers and other unfamiliar instruments into my mouth without my written consent . . . or at least some knockout gas so I don't have to deal with any of it. What is worse, is that this is one of those dentist appointments. Yeah, you guessed it. Huzzah for cavities.

Don't you just hate that gosh darn shot they give you? At my office, they don't even numb you up before the shot happens. It's just one moment, " open your mouth " and then the next all you feel is this sharp, ever - lasting pain in your cheek or gum. Bah. And then that joke of a laser treatment. Have you ever been told, before the treatment, " oh, I think it's shallow so we can get it with the laser". And then an hour later, you're told, " Well it's deeper than we thought, so we have to drill now". Ugh, I've been told that way too many times. Can't they just tell how deep it is, and then numb you up because you're in for a long ride? Why sugar coat it?

- pancake