Name - Katsu Yamamotto
Title - King Salamander
Age - 17 years old
Race - Human
Sex - Male
Appearance - Katsu is 5'4" tall. He has red eyes, and black hair that is kind of a mess, slicked back yet spiked and all over the place at the same time. Katsu wears a blue vest, that has a blue hood attached to it. He is usually seen wearing the hood at all time, only removing it when he decides to fight. He wears black gloves, and upon his arms are blue belted straps that go all the way up to his shoulders. Blue tribal tattoos are upon his face, his chest, and his arms. He wears rather baggy white shorts, which are held up by a black belt. Upon his feet are tabi boots with metal shin guards. He has a muscular frame, and a nice toned body. He is usually seen with a travel bag strapped to his back, with a large scroll and sleeping roll attached to that.
Weapons - Katsu has two short swords attached horizontally upon his lower back.
Bio - Katsu was the son of one of the most prestigious teachers at The Academy for the Magic Arts. It was a school for mages and the like. He had attended the school at the age of 7 as all mages to be did, and was expelled for showing no magical talent whatsoever. His father was disappointed in him, having thrown him out of his home for dishonoring the long line of great and powerful mages that made up their bloodline. Katsu, alone and unwanted, wandered for a long time and did whatever he could to earn money so he could eat and get shelter. His life changed when he stole from a local street vendor, stealing a large red and black egg that was in amongst the junk he had in a trunk under his table of wares. As soon as he got to a safe area in which he was no longer being pursued, Katsu decided to fight off his hunger by devouring the and all! The consumption of the egg, created a transformation in the young boy. The egg itself was the sealed form of the powerful beast known as King Salamander. The power of the beast was transferred into Katsu, and bestowed him with the powerful fire elemental magic that had belonged to King Salamander himself.
Abilities/powers - Fire magic. Katsu can use fire magic with the greatest of ease. He is also immune to the effects of fire upon his body, able to withstand even the heat of Hellfire. Like a Salamander, Katsu is capable of devouring fire without any interal damage, even being able to gain power from its consumption.
Other - Devouring fire can stave off his hunger, but only for a short period of time. It usually leaves him hungrier than before though.
Beast History - King Salamander was a great and powerful beast, a God Beast class monster. His flames were powerful enough to turn an entire forest to ash with ease and cause whole oceans to boil into nothing. He was strong and fast, and none could fell him in battle. He was sealed away in the egg upon his defeat at the hands of another God Beast.