Lately for the past 3 weeks i've been getting up between 4-6am in the morning. No alarm or anything, my brain just wakes up.

I'm glad. My days seem longer but as of late my roommates have been busy/with their boyfriends so i'm stuck home alone.
I COULD go out but i'm being a real tight a** at the moment. Ever since my kittens destroyed my Dr.Dre Beats, i've been cutting down on luxuries/going out just so i can get a replacement.
$300 down the drain. Ugh.

Don't move out of home, ever. Lol.
Paying rent/bills is such a pain but 'tves.

It's currently quarter to seven in the morning. I am a little exhausted. I might get dressed and pay my parents a visit before church. IF, i could be bothered. Heh.

I'm going to skype with strange folk now. Toodle-loo~