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Journal of Kusugari
I have a long story I plan on continuing every day. I hope you enjoy my writing, and I hope you can point out places that need improvement.
A quick flash of light signaled Exp. GM-class # 13169's return, or rather, 'Silence's' return. Chirox was awaiting, emotionless, his large, armoured form in a relaxed state. When #13169 finally started walking, Chirox finally moved.

"You make good time. Now, we have a...situation right now. One of our bases was...raided, and...I'll tell you along the way."

Motioning for #13169 to follow, Chirox headed through the soon-to-be experiments/prisoner chambers. It consisted of at least one of every dimension the Brotherhood had invaded. Everyone was miserable, to either be experimented on, or tortured by the Brotherhood members who wanted war. People began looking at Silence with hate, Chirox with even more. It was a wing that even Silence hadn't been to yet.

Passing by a few cages, something suddenly flew forward next to Silence. It was a deranged-looking being, with parts of his body appearing to be made of shadows. He kept murmuring something, so softly Silence had to strain to hear.

"We are the same, yet you are not me...not me but will become me...I can already see it...unless someone does something...you will become something even worse than me..."

Confused, since he had never seen this person, #13169 started to look at the experiment number, only to be dragged along by Chirox.

"Don't listen to him. He's just a failed experiment. We keep him to...compare to the other after him. He used to be quite useful, but he turned out to be a total failure in the end."

Silence shrugged but couldn't help but ask,

"Hows the new version working out? Of him."

Chirox looked at #13169 for a long time, studying him.

"We only made one after, and we aren't sure if we fixed everything, but so far he's promising. Now, hurry. We believe that little Kusugari made it into one of our bases and we need to flush him out, got it?"

there was a sudden explosion that made Chirox sigh.

"Never mind, he's here. Get moving, we can't let him get too far."

Silence was about to ask why Chirox didn't do it, but figured there wasn't much point. He just nodded and ran quickly down the corridor. He had a little unfinished business with the Kusugari anyway.

Chirox turned back and walked over to the cell whose inmate talked to Silence. He slammed the wall and pressed a button, sending electricity through the cell's air. The being let out a yelp and sat on the floor, eyes oddly calm and calculating. He seemed to be in the middle of a his thoughts.

"NEVER, ever, speak to any of us unless spoken to, you miserable failure. I don't know why we just scrap you. Or dissect you, that would be more fun. But apparently we need you so you'll have to stay, but keep quiet while you're here, understood?"

After the being nodded, Chirox walked off to do some more tinkering with mother nature's work on a scale she had used.

Next to the cell, a screen with the experiment number was placed to let others know just what was inside.

It currently read Exp. GM-class # 13168.

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