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Journal of Kusugari
I have a long story I plan on continuing every day. I hope you enjoy my writing, and I hope you can point out places that need improvement.
Near a fountain, Stacey seemed to be melancholic. She was sitting on a wooden bench, not noticing the ever-growing shadow nearby. She shook her head after a moment, as if warding off her thoughts. The mood was sad, but not lonely. Maybe a little surprise would brighten things u-

There was a gigantic splash coming from the water in the fountain, a form quickly getting to his feet. The water weighed down his clothes, making them stick to his skin and define his form as they drooped, ruining the point of wearing loose clothing in the first place. Pushing his hood back, Silence, with a less-than-amused look on his face, spat out some water. The comedy of the scene would have made Stacey laugh, but not this time. She looked up at him with a surprised but stern look. Silence immediately felt he had to start talking.

"Hi...heard you were in the neighbourhood, so I figured I'd...drop in."

He attempted a smile, but he didn't get one in return. He quickly tried to continue.

"So, what are you doing here? I thought you would still be home."

Stacey looked at him with a slightly happier expression.

"A publisher somehow got his hands on a book I was writing. I'm doing a book tour right now, that's why I'm here."

Silence realized that the 'somehow' was the writing he stolen from her garbage and got to the publisher. So, why was she so unhappy to see him? Just tired from the book tour, whatever the hell that was?

"I already know why you're here, mister Mob's little B****."

Oh no. She knew. This was exactly what he'd been trying to avoid. Everything seemed to fall apart now.

"Why didn't you tell me you worked for those scumbags? I thought you could put your skills into something more than stealing."

Great, what he had pictured was playing as a movie in front of him. Too bad there was no 'erase' button, or at least a fast-forward. Silence made a quick effort to defend himself.

"I didn't tell you because I knew this is what would happen. You wouldn't care who I was, as long as I work for someone you don't like, I'm garbage. If you knew, you would have screamed and ran that one day I saved your pretty little butt, wouldn't you?"

Stacey seemed to blush at the comment but she remained strong.

"Well...yes, but that's besides the point, you still lied to me. You're only proving you are no better than them. Why would you even join them?"

"Because of...stuff you couldn't understand."

"Don't understand? Why, because I'm a girl I won't understand? That my mind is not developed enough to handle the complexity of your story?"

"Wha-no! Of course not! You would never believe me!"

"Oh really? Why? Because it's a lie? Kinda like how you DIDN'T just torture Poor Carter a little while ago? You're not making it easy for me to think of you as a good person, Silence..."

Silence's eyes almost brimmed with tears. Not again. Not another person lost...please no...

"I just...I'll just talk to you later, maybe...I can't stand to talk to you right now.."

With that, she got up and left, leaving Silence wondering why things always went so wrong all the time...

Just to add insult to injury, his watch beeped, a message telling him to report back to Base. Of course, like he needed to see OTHER miserable people. Without caring who was around, he activated his device and in a flash of light disappeared.

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