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Who doesn't sit on their sandwiches?

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I hate it when I apply nail polish, then I am asked to do something and then it ruins my newly polished fingers. I hate it even more when I reapply the polish and then get asked to do another thing. Right now, I am about to apply nail polish for the third time. I don't mean to sound like a total girl, but gosh! I just want to paint my nails! I guess I was not meant to paint them this color. Damn destinies.

I just got my computer back, and now I suck at zOMG. I dislike feeling like a supposed "Noob". By the way. I hate the word "Noob." Want to know other things I hate?

1.) When people add odd endings to words because they think it sounds cool such as: Awesomesauce and other various versions.

2.) Plaid. Since when did plaid become popular? People look like lumberjacks. Some people look good in it but a lot of people look like crap.

3.) Gangsters who can't say their lyrics clearly: Gimme that Becky sounds like Gimme that Bacon. For half of the song, I though he wanted to seduce Bacon.

4.) Zac Effron and Robert Pattinson or whatever, they are both unattractive and have bug eyes. They are people you'll never get so just shut up about it. I mean it is okay to have a celebrity crush but seriously....talking about him 24/7? Please, leave it to yourself.

5.) Twilight series...The things I could say about this. It is okay to like it and find it a very good book and movie, but to SCREAM out that you love it all the damn time...What the hell?

6.) Why is it okay for 40 year old women to scream out that they love "Edward" but if it was 40 year old men screaming that they loved "Bella", they would be considered *****? Kind of funny, a double standard that women can get away with instead of men haha how retarded.

7.) Double standards

8.) People on myspace and facebook posting about theur problems. Really? I don't care that you hate your life. If you hate it so much, change it. Jesus fricking Christ. Instead of posting "I want to cut my arm off because my parents are retarded" or "Everyone hates me now, I guess I mean nothing" how about you post something like "Well, having a bad day but I am sure it'll turn around =] " Stop trying to get attention....

9.) People who always have to voice their opinions! Like really, shut up. "Well I like this site" well you know what, no one else does so just because you like it doesnt mean we'll agree with you.

10.) People who listen to your conversation, and then has to voice their opinion in it.

11.) Duck face poses. I mean don't get me wrong, I LOVE to do it...In a silly picture. But when people do it because they think it looks good... in every picture....all the time... JESUS FRICKEN CRIST! Silly pictures are okay haha when you're trying to be silly, not when you're trying to look good. It makes you look a tad retarded. I know SO many people who do that, please stop =] I love you guys but please stop.

12.) People who innitiate a conversation with you, and it only goes as far as "Whats up?" "Not much you?" "same." and then they leave. Two hours later they message "Brb" hahaha....Like we were having SUCH a grand conversation to say that.

13.) Girls who only date guys for sex. Like how they don't want to appear like a slut so they date a guy, sex him up, dump him, then repeats that process 16 billion times. You're still known as a slut.

14.) The word Legit....It appears that EVERYTHING these days are "Legit"....Even when the word isn't used right....

15.) I just watched a music video and it was called "Hey Daddy"....Why is it sexual to call your boyfriend/fiance/husband Daddy? That is the last thing I would EVER call my boyfriend....That is just nasty.

16.) Buttons that don't do anything. Like on peoples shirts they'll have buttons on them, small as can be, and they don't do anything....They just chill there....How gay.

17.) People who baby-talk every sentence! Gosh like really? Shut the ******** up!

18.) People who talk loudly because they want everyone to hear them. You know what person who talks loudly because they want me to hear their problems and feel sorry for them, I don't feel sorry for you...Shut the ******** up!

19.) Girls who wear shirts that have writing on them in the boob area and then hate on you for "Looking at their boobs." Well maybe I wouldn't have to look at them if you didn't wear shirts with words RIGHT THERE! I like to read what shirts say. Stop being so vein and conceited.

More will be added, tired of writing.

There is my rant. biggrin

You were born an original, don't die a copy.

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