Well I'm back on this account. I have deemed it safe enough to move all my items back. It feels good to be back. So anyways. Life has changed alot since I was last on this account. I made some new friends, lost touch with some old ones. and All around had a messed up ******** time.

For starters I'm no longer in Florida. I'm now in New Jersey. It is strange to be away from my family and what few friends I had in Florida. But it was a good thing I moved. I have a full time Job, met my friend Furrel in Real Life, and I'm even trying to get a place with them. it's gonna be great. I'll be living a real life and not just doing what I've been doing.

As far as my love life goes, I had a BF named Josh. But things didn't go the way I wanted them too. So he dumped me on Christmas 2010. But I don't have any bad feelings about it. So I'm not gonna say much about it. It is just another chapter closed in my life. Just like with Kir. I won't talk about it cause it's not worth talking about. I have changed and grown as an individual. I am stronger and won't be brought down anymore.

I am merely writing this an an Update on things going on in my life. I won't say everything that has happened in this one Entry because then you'd be reading all day. There is simply too much to say in one sitting. so I'll be adding small Entries pertaining to certain events that have happened in my life.