Well aren't you a sweetheart? C;

What nice big teeth you have. ;3

On this fourteenth of February, many will cry tears of joy or sadness. Bittersweet as this holiday can be, it depends on your attitude. However you decide to feel, I hope you don't regret it the next day. -Skull Candy

I'm not trying to impress you or anything, but... I'm Batman!

- Just a silly thing to say. XD
Have a good V-Day!

>: D

"As he who in a drought is cursed
And finds no real drink to quench his thirst,
Runs to imagined Lakes his heat to steep
And vainly swills and labours in his sleep;
So love with phantoms cheats our longing eyes,
Which hourly seeing never satisfies"

If you're psychic, then can you tell me how many hearts I will break?

I love you, and I want to be with you.
But you cannot find me, or see me.
So I leave you with this, look for me.
- the Time.

Meow from the MiDark Romeo

To you my love, in celebration of this wondrous season,
I give you my heart without question or reason.
~The Lolita Pirate

Red roses because you're desirable;
Pink roses because you're so lovely;
White roses because of this innocent gift;
Baby's Breath because I hope that you're happy

Sexy Cabbage appeared!
Sexy Cabbage used Sleep Powder!
Sexy Cabbage used Pound!
Sexy Cabbage used String Shot!
Sexy Cabbage fled!

How is a toaster psychic? I shall stuff you with heart shaped bread then come valentines day turn you on and devour the toast with some jam.
~ Omnomnom

Tomorrow is the day.
The time I tell you so.
To tell you why I feel this way.
... I'm pregnant.
.-True Love.-.


Is your father a terrorist? Because you are the bomb! :3 <3