I think I'm at my limit. I can't really explain it but it feels like I'm going to explode. The baby mama drama is low but now we're basically taking care of a baby like our own 'sibling/daughter', taking her to daycare, picking her up. Changing/feeding and loving her.....she hardly sees her mother....or father.........It's happening all over again.

The baby been with us for a month and a little more. I thought the mother was doing what she was supposed to be doing, like getting a transfers from the day care near our house, to the one near her house because she trusted it more. But she's not, and she might not even be going to school at all that her programs required...

She reminding me too much like the second one, Bella.

The whole point of me writing this is just how piss I'm starting to get. I love the baby, I do but I am not her mother and she is not my responsibility. I am helping out because well it's the right thing to do since we're not that kind of family who look the other way whenever Hector impregnants somebody. It's just......the way the baby cried, the way Gloria cried when saw her mum left to go food shopping with my mom... just sad you know. :/

I mean the only reason why Gloria wants to be with Grandma and us because she so use to us, and what are you doing huh? s**t your not supposed to be doing. ******** I don't care how selfish it sounds we are not a ******** daycare for you to be dropping her off and don't be ******** complaining when Gloria doesn't feel comfortable with you, her own mother. If you don't want her then sign the ******** papers to my mother, who willing and already taking care of Gloria like a daughter.