I'm now startin to make myself feel alot better.
I've understood alot in the last year, and figured out what time I need to make up.
No one's understanding the steps I take.
No one's understanding the roads I am hikin up.
All I can say is is that it's some trip I'm experiencing.

Not once will it be easy, and not all at once will it be my favorite thing to do.
Life, take your course.
Through it all, God leads it.....
He doesn't let me fall....at least not too hard! wink

I love my friends, my family, and my loved ones.
Not anything in the world could ever change that.
I hope that soon it won't be an issue.
I hope that soon it'll be seen.

My star.....burn brighter.....you've got alot more years to grow.
As you grow, feed on my life's experiences.
Make yourself stronger and make yourself unique.
I love you my star.
One of the brightest ever to be seen.