Original Character
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Name: Taliba (Arabic, meaning: Seeker of Knowledge)
Age: 25 (Human Years), 100 (Demon Years)
Height: 5'5
Weight: 150 lbs
Skin Color: The third doll
Bust: Size B (36)
Eye Color: Gold
{Please note: She has red markings at the corner of her eyes}
Hair color: Grey with an overtone of white. Something similar to this would be excellent. Please note there should be more gray than white, especially focused near the top of her head.
Head wings: Black, the tips of the wings are brown.
Tail: Black
Glasses: Black. They are similar to this. She is constantly looking over them, since she is far-sighted.
Body: Taliba hates her lithe, and slightly shapeless body. She wishes that she could fill out more, but considering she takes most of her long journeys on foot, her body has adapted to suit her wanderings.
Powers: Her main power is the transferring of the knowledge she has attained into a universal form that can be read by all. She hasn't fully tapped into this power, however, she knows this power must be kept a secret. Her other power over paper however, has saved her behind more than once, to the point where she goes nowhere far without a travel sack filled with it. She does have practical knowledge in other areas (i.e. making it so her brush constantly has ink when she needs it) but doesn't practice often.

-Bold: In her pursuit of knowledge, she doesn't hesitate to seek out the truth. Even though it may land her into danger, she'll face it head on. However, this doesn't mean she's bold in all areas. Her friendships have suffered under her devotion to knowledge, to the point where she prefers books to others. Don't ask about her love life. Taliba is also extremely moody. She'll be perfectly content the one moment (especially when she's engrossed in a new novel) or wanting to commit murder the next when she finds that one of her novels has NOT been returned to her on time. One of her faults is that she's overly curious. She can't help herself when a mystery presents itself, she will do anything to make herself understand it, especially if its something that interests her (on that note, she's like a hound on a scent). Her memory is accurate to a degree. Ask her to remember something that happened five years ago regarding her ascension to a higher class demon (being 100 has its perks!) and she would not even remember. Ask her about a page in one of her Tomes and she could give you the page, the chapter it came from, and what it entails. She also has secret desires, she wants to attain power through the knowledge that she has amassed, but with age comes experience. She still is a fledgling in her demon world, and she is still growing beneath and around its protective embrace.

Other information:
-Her constant companions are her over sized ink brush and a piece of papyrus or a ancient tome.
-The piece of papyrus she carries around is a record of all the books she currently has, although, she has memorized the list.

Important Details:
-If you are drawing a chibi of her then the brush will be bigger than her.
-If you are drawing anything else, the brush must be around the size of one of those large pencils/pens, if you need an example of what I'm referring to, please ask.
-Either the papyrus or the ink brush must be in her hands, I would prefer it if her hands weren't empty
-She has red markings at the corners of her eyes, whether it be a solid red or tattoos, I haven't decided yet. Surprise me!
-Please, please, please don't edit her top in any way! Yes, it may be difficult, but she's created that top out of a blank book and her mastery over paper to create clothing for herself.

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