Gaia Username: Suzuri Heinze / Suzuricho
Character name: Suzuri Heinze
Age: 25
Origin: Bervenia Palace, Ivalice (FFTA)

Once Queen Remedi and Prince Mewt vanished from Ivalice, the judges started to reign supreme. To secure their rule over Ivalice, a figurehead family was placed in Bervenia to act the part. This is when the cousin of Mewt, Suzuri Randell, was chosen to take his place.

Suzuri's closest friends in the palace, Markus and Dwaelin, decided to escort her out into town one day. One thing led to another, and they were engaged by a small territory-hogging clan. Her first engagement led her to realize that a knight sword was too heavy for her arms, thus, she quickly decided upon a job change afterward. She became a blue mage.

After the engagement, in the pub, the bartender asks to confirm their Clan name, as then he can confirm the payment of vanquishing the town's wanted men with the judges. Upon reflecting on memories of her real life from before Ivalice, she declares herself as the leader of Clan Heinze, named for someone in that life who inspired her to always do her best. She then introduced herself as Suzuri Heinze. Dwaelin asked if he was a lover, but was promptly threatened with slices by a saber.

Since then, Markus and Dwaelin have helped Suzuri on her escapade away from the palace, letting her do her own thing with her new Clan. While both are employed to the Judge master, no one ever sees the 'princess' in the palace anyway. When the princess is supposed to be crowned queen and the judges start to look for her, Suzuri and her clan decide to challenge the way Ivalice is ruled...

~Aqua Saber
~Lordly Robe
~Golden Hairpin
~Choco Shield

Ability set:
Action - Blue Magic
Action - Chivarly
Reaction - Counter
Support - Learning
Combo - Blue Combo

Blue Magic known:
Mighty Guard
Angel Whisper
Bad Breath
White Wind
Magic Hammer

Chivarly known:
Drop Weapon
Holy Cross