Still sheltering myself away, and playing lots of Grand Chase. I managed to get my lovely Amy up to level 70. Wowee, I'm really on top here... I never thought I'd manage to stick it out this long but but I guess that's because I had someone really cool to play with.

Well, HAD... or have... I don't really know.

I kinda ended up falling for this guy, but it's really tough, because this is just the stupid internet and he is 100% taken. I've tried to cope with that but the emotions keep building and overwhelming me. Aside from that, I've felt like he's been trying to replace me as his "partner" lately. I mean, I shouldn't be surprised, because... he replaced some other girl with me for a while, but lately he's seemed to revert back to spending more time with her, and... then his irl girlfriend started playing too and ugh, I'm just at the bottom of the ladder now.

Why do I prioritize people who don't prioritize me? I really shouldn't. I should just give up my ideas of having happy bliss gaming time with him and only him, because I need to face the music: there are other girls, there always will be, and most of them are more important then me. ********. Balls.

I still love GC though. I wouldn't quit even if I stop talking to him. I just... need someone else to spend my time with. That would help... Preferably someone who mains Ryan or Jin... mmmmm, Ryan.... ♥