Days have passed since that training match. I have started to gain more control and understanding about my powers. I can do things like Teleport and read minds. I can also fly at supersonic speeds. But, there is a cost to this. After I use all of these new maneuvers, there is a great power drainage. I can't use a lot of my power at once. Unless it's an emergency in which case it will absolutely be necessary. But, other than movement, I have advanced my attacking capabilities too. I can concentrate energy into a single finger and shoot it at any object. I can also manipulate other sources of energy to my will. My" teacher" says that he can do better, but I think that he can't even begin to do the things I've accomplished. But, it's whatever. Guess it comes with the whole "Master-Student" thing. I think I can take him though.

*Knock Knock!* "Come on Cross! It's time to go!" shouts a girls voice from outside of my door. The same girl's voice from the same girl that I had to fight on that day. "Alright, alright. I'm coming." I say as I walk outside of my room and join the girl in the bright, white hallway. Which isn't so bright anymore since I have finally gotten used to it now.

"He's waiting for us. We're going to be late if we don't go now." the girl said as she began walking down the hallway and towards our "teacher".

We're going on a mission today. Apparently it'd an important mission. Something about stopping some dude from causing destruction in New York. You may be asking yourself "Why don't the police just handle it?" Well they can't. This guy is just like me. Me and all of the other people here. But he's a bad one. Obviously. And the police, if you haven't guessed, aren't the people for the job. We are.

"Hurry up Cross!" the girl shouted from down the hallway.

"I'm already here." I said as I appeared behind her. She jumped and turned to hit me in my face. But, thanks to my fast reflexes, I caught her hand before she could do any damage.

"Tsk, tsk Tenshi. Sheesh, for a girl with a name that translates to "Angel", you sure act like the opposite." I said to Tenshi with a chuckle. She just looked away from me as she snatched her hand away.

"Lets go Ryuu." Tenshi said to our "teacher" with her arms crossed and a mean look on her face.

"Finally. I thought you two would never shut up." Ryuu said to us as we left the HQ and proceeded to our destination.