*A young man no older than maybe 16 walks along the streets of the town he was in, this man wore a long black and white coat with metal buckles and clasps, beneath it he wore a white button up shirt and a dark gray button up vest, a red ribbon like tie around his neck beneath the collar of the white shirt, he wore black pants with a black belt with a few pouches on the belt, he wore black and white combat boots that stopped just below his knees. All of this was hidden beneath the coat however, the coat had a hood that at the moment he had down so his young face could be seen, he has beautiful blue eyes and pure white hair, he has a strange tattoo over his left eye with an upside down star above his left eye, he wore white gloves that match his coat. Under his right glove his hand was strange it was red like blood and seemed not deformed but still strange, embedded in the back of his hand is a glowing green cross and this hand of his can turn into a weapon a giant silver claw, his left eye also has a secret when he is near evil or trying to find a hidden enemy it will turn black with a solid red orb in the center with a red ring around the red orb it showed him dark evil things, it was a curse. Though very few people knew of these 2 secrets of his, this young man was a strange one indeed, very strong though thin but muscular beneath his clothes, another secret few would ever believe without seeing it with their own eyes.*
(Allen Mana Cross)
Battle Mode