I'm powerless
I'm weak
And I'm so twisted up inside
It hurts

He placed all his Pain
His Rage
His Pride
and His Loneliness
All into me..
Its mine to burden

Well I guess its my fault
I'm clearly hurting
I feel his Pain
His Rage
His Pride
and His Loneliness

I just wanna lose my powers
And be normal
And die somewhere
I don't wanna be a goddess anymore

I wanna let go of everyone I love
And start new!
I sound like me when I was 13

So yeah
I guess its a way to cope it up
Make other personae of myself
My 7 forms of mercy
Just so I don't feel alone
But I guess I really am alone
So lonely

My heart is tied up so bad
That I don't wanna trust anyone
Oh the Pain

I'm shaking aren't I?
I'm still on that boat
Of loneliness
Only with me
Oh where and when will I reach land
And leave this ocean


Some one help me
Someone untie my heart
Someone set me free
Someone kill me

All I ever wanted was to stand right by your side...