Golden Sun Dark Dawn
After a long 5 years of Golden Sun depravity, I am positively ecstatic to see it's triumphant return.

For those who already know about this series then you can skip the next couple of sentences. Golden Sun is another RPG series relying off of a four character party. With eight playable characters you'll have lots of options. All characters and enemies are classified under 4 classes; Mercury (Water), Venus (Earth), Mars (Fire), and Jupiter (wind.) However in this game there is the new enemy exclusive class Umbra. Returning fans will be amazed by the improved graphics from the improved Psynergy (magic spells) and even the iconic Summons. Dijins are back and ready for action and a new cast of characters with two characters for each class will guide you into the world of Weyard. The music is well paced and even the final boss music is spectacular. New Players may not get the full picture of the games since they never played the first. Veterans will have a lot of nostalgic flashbacks which makes playing GS and LA more fun.

Nonny's Rating: 9/10 as a Veteran of GS biggrin D and a 8/10 for new players.
Veterans will get the most enjoyment in this game merely for all of the subplots and the reintroductions of characters and bosses (like Dullahan.)
However the game will bring new players up to speed but not too specifically so things will be vague.

Tips: Dijins hide everywhere, there are at least one in each dungeon or town. Get them ASAP before you can never get them again so you can summon stronger things.