*A man who looks about 25 stands on the rooftop of a building in a city that was in ruin, he wore a dark yellow and black jacket with a few zippers and pockets it clung to his thin but muscular upper body, he also wore dark gray cargo pants that had pouches strapped to his legs he had a belt hanging kind of sideways on his waist. He has on a pair of black half fingered gloves and a pair of dark black and gray sneakers good for running. He has very short brown hair, he has a dark look almost evil his skin was kind of pale and gray he had some strange black scars on his neck and lightly up his face, he has dark gray eyes and as he stands there he kind of opens and closes his hands and red and black electricity crackles in his hands. He has a satchel backpack on strapped over his chest the bag was on his back there is a cell phone strapped to his satchel strap it worked like a walkie talkie, his bag is black and yellow just like his coat and it has many zippers and pockets on it. This man was infused with the power of electricity he could control it and summon it from his body, but he had to recharge like a battery by draining things of electricity*
(Cole Kessler Gigawatt)

*A man who looks to be in his mid twenties walks through a thick forest, he has long silver white hair and matching fox ears, and a silver white fox tail, he wears baggy white clothes with a red shirt underneath, he wore simple clothes and as he walks he holds a single perfect red rose in his hand. He looks around with his light purple eyes and with each step he takes a few flowers sprout around his feet.*
(Yoko Lunar Spirit)