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random things
These are just random crappy things that i have written or drawn. Thank you so much if you take the time to look at this!
chapter 4: a nightmareish memory. so yes, this is part of my first story, the one with the gitl and the vampire. hope you enjoy this chapter~ yes, im sorry its depressing! DX neutral

He walks down the beaten and worn down path that leads from the green house to his room. He rubs his eyes. It had been a long time since he had spoken to anyone besides his cat, and it frankly wore him out. He didn’t realize that she was so stubborn. But that was okay. He would become used to it in time. He has entered back into his house, and already, his memories have started returning. He wanted to forget them. To forget them all, but no matter how far back into his mind he shoved them, he never could rid himself of them entirely.

His forehead was sweaty, and his last thought was that he was usually asleep before this happened. So, why is it happening now? Was it that she…? No. that couldn’t be it. There was no one in his past that was like her before…so why…? As this last thought echoed in his mind his world went black, and his body fell to a clump on the floor.

“Lio!! Get down here now! I am tired of calling for you! Your father is home!” he could hear his mother yelling to him from the bottom of the stairs. But he wasn’t going to come out. Even though he was only a measly four years old, he knew that his father was drunk again, like always. He hadn’t seen his father sober in at least 3 years. In fact, he didn’t even remember what his father was like without alcohol. It was his father’s fault he had no friends, and his fathers fault his face and eyes were always swollen. No one in school wanted to play with him because they new about his father, and there mothers told them not too. He hated his father for that, but even more than that, he was afraid of him.

“Lio, where are you?” he could hear his father calling to him, as he stumbled up the steps. He scooted himself back farther into his closet, hoping his father wouldn’t find him. He could smell the alcohol in his room, and feel his fathers presence. “….fine. You want to play hide and seek? Your dad wants to play as well. Now, where should I look?” his father lifts the lid to his toy box, smashing the toys onto the floor, breaking them into a million pieces as he digs through.

He huddles in the corner, wishing and praying that he father wont find him, but at the same time, he already knows he will. His father continues stomping through the bedroom, becoming more agitated with every spot that comes up empty. “you don’t want to play with daddy?! Well, fine! See if I care!!” his father steps out of the room. Lio breathes out heavily, he hadn’t realized it until then, but subconsciously he had been holding his breathe. The smell of alcohol stings at his nostrils, and it makes his stomach queasy. He figures that his father has most likely gone downstairs.

He slowly crawls out of the closet, and stands up, his head dizzy from the smell, which is only making his nausea worse. He stumbles to his across his room and to his doorway. He steps out of the door, and freezes. His father is standing there, a drunken grin on his face. He raises his arm and brings it down heavily on Lio’s face, knocking him to the floor. “that will teach you not to come when I call you! You listen to your father! Its not like I ask to hit you! I do it because you force me too!” he kneels down and grabs lio by his face, squeezing it hard. Lio flinches in his fathers grip, trying to pull away. “don’t you pull away! You need to endure this, itll make you a man!” he slaps lio across the face, knocking his glasses across the room. He glances at his mother who is standing by the top of the stairs. But, she just stands there staring. She never tries to help him. She just silently watches, as if this is the way a family is supposed to behave. As if everyones father treats them this way. He feels his father continuing to beat him, each blow harder than the last. Each time, another bruise forms on his body.

“lio!! Wake up!!” ria is shaking his body. She found him here in the hallway, moaning as if he was in pain.

“n-no!” he shouts, his eyes wide open, but not recognizing her for who she is as he pushes her away. “I didn’t do anything wrong!” she can feel him trembling in her hands. Her brow furrows as she wraps her arms around him. Whatever he is going through, he needs her now, and even if she was going to leave him, she cannot do it now. Not when he is like this. Tears stream from his glossy amber eyes, as he continues to yell and scream. She wraps her arms tight around him, and he flails, trying to escape her grasp, but she only holds him tighter. “I-I’m sorry!” he yells to no one. “I didn’t mean to disappoint you!” he grips her jacket, his fingers tearing it at the seams, as he pulls tightly on it. she is confused by his actions, but she only rocks him back and forth. Back and forth. This is what her mother did when she would have a nightmare, and it is all she can think of to do. She brushes his hair from his eyes and rocks him. Waiting for him to awaken from his dream.

Although she doesn’t know exactly why, she wants to stay here with him. And although she wont know it until quite later, love has bloomed somewhere delicately in her heart.

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commentCommented on: Tue Mar 01, 2011 @ 02:16am
Oh, I remember this chapter!!!!! It is seriously my favorite, even though it's the most sad chapter to me. T_____T I really really wish you'd get motivated to write some more!!! I'm sorry it took me so long to realize you had posted here; I just don't seem to go on gaia much anymore sad Seriously, though, your story is amazing, one zillion times better than twilight, and i honestly enjoy it so much!!!!!! <333 let me know when you add something new if i haven't commented after awhile!!!! XD sorry, i just happened to be on and realized you had posted just now XD

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