Long out of date bio for Kuzoku:
~Important events: Kuzoku's father was a hunter. He taught Kuzoku the ways of the land. They lived in an arctic forest, alone, away from civilization. Kuzoku, as a child was wandering through the forest, and was attacked by a bear, since he was to close to it's cub. A wolf distracted the bear and possibly fought her, but Kuzoku was to frightened to find out. He just ran, and didn't stop. A connection was created with him and the wolf. Kuzoku wanted to pay the wolf back but didn't know how, until one day his father was hunting, and came across the wolf. Before his father knew what was happening, he jumped in front of the bullet and died painfully, and slowly, as the wolf mourned his death, and licked his wound. The father broke down crying and committed suicide. Kuzoku's spirit stayed to protect the wolves, though his hatred for humans grew. He worked his way to the Alpha male of the pack, and guided the souls of the living wolves, and resurrected the spirits of the dead. He felt he was his own greatest weapon and trained to fight, to better protect the pack. He built his ki and his aura as he became less of a spirit and more of a physical entity. During his training, he found the lab of a crazed madman named Ed Twist. In a lab with a being known only as Nightmare, an experiment went horribly wrong, as Ed was mixing chemicals to try and create the ultimate army, Nightmare was screwing around with powers of elemental control, and he threw off the chemicals as they exploded. All were close to the reaction, and their minds had been fused. Kuzoku, having the stronger will and spiritual energy became the main power of the three, but was no were close to having complete control.
~Other important information: Ed created a machine that allowed the three to split into three entities at will, though they still prefer to stay as one being, even though they have a certain hatred for eachother. Kuzoku dislikes Ed, mostly because he's human but tolerates him, but hates Nightmare for being human, and because he disrespects the powers he holds (such as complete mental control, elemental control) and is "in it just for the fun of it". Kuzoku has gained control of his life energy, and is able to use not only his, but what is in his surroundings. He can form shields, blasts, clones, and he can heal among other things and of course his pack of demon wolves is always grateful to him and ready to help, and give whatever they can no matter what. While he is his own weapon, he sometimes uses a strange katana, forged from his own sweat, blood, hard work, and spirit. It glows ominously. He looks human but has wolf ears and a tail. He dresses in trench coats, and usually wears all black so he can more easily hide.