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The First Cross:
The Crystalline Genesis

[The frigid morning air can be felt inside the classroom as a radiant baby blue intoxicates the new atmosphere...]
[The world has changed...]
Cruce: [Cruce's nose twitches as his eyes force open slowly... He feels a difference in the air around him, but he is too tired to pay attention to it.]
Cruce: [Mumbles quietly as he yawns, his head now raised. He is surprised to see that Pachi has only barely shifted his position in his sleep, if at all... Topher, however...]
~Safa Topher~
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Cruce: ...Oh God... T-Tophs... [He pokes Topher's cheek with his nose.] Tophs, wake up.
Topher: Mmrr... [He tosses a little, turning away from Cruce in his sleep...] ...
Cruce: ...[He turns back to Pachi.] ...Hey Pachi...? ... [At this time, he realizes he is the only one awake... He can, however, hear quiet voices in the next room. He notices that Pachi is curled up enough to not necessarily notice a difference if Cruce would leave.] ... [Nonetheless, Cruce moves slowly and carefully, trying not to disturb the other two.] ... (Everyone's asleep... I wonder how early it is... Well, I'll go check and see if the girls are awake.) [Before that, he turns around and watches Topher sleep.] (Topher must've turned into a Safan overnight... funny, this whole thing is real. I could've sworn I dreamed that it wasn't last night...) ... [Still too tired to think about it too much, he turns and pushes the door to the next room open gently, walking in quietly...]
[He hears a few silent giggles as he turns around to close the door... He does this as quietly as possible before turning around to see Rilia, Lavender, and Celebi in front of him.]
Cruce: Ah! Oh... Sheesh...
[The three giggle.]
Rilia: Good morning~!
Celebi: Is everyone still asleep in there?
Cruce: Yeah. I just heard you in here and all.
Lavender: We weren't too loud, were we?
Cruce: Nah. It's funny, I probably wouldn't be able to have heard you if I was still a human... these senses are crazy...
Rilia: ...So... Cruce...
Lavender: You are aware that we heard from Safiri that you and that wannabe princess kissed, right?
Cruce: I wouldn't doubt that.
Rilia: Cruce, I feel terrible for telling you what to do, but you shouldn't be with Danny! It's way too dangerous.
[Cruce remains silent...]
Lavender: If you want, I can explain why we call her Danny...
Cruce: ...No thanks... I'll ask her when I see her again... I do appreciate your concern though. If this is a trap, I'll be ready.
Celebi: Cruce, you don't know Darkness. You can't be ready for one of their traps! It's too much for a... for a human.
Cruce: [He looks over to Slianna and Safiri. Safiri is still asleep, while Slianna is up and watching them.] ...This is off topic... But... I needed to tell you girls a few things... Celebi, this is just about them, but you can listen if you want.
Celebi: I'll listen~.
Lavender: Oh, I think I remember... You said something about "creating" us last night.
Rilia: That was a little creepy, no offense... Shouldn't we wait until Safiri wakes up?
Cruce: Mmg... [Yawns a bit.] Good point... God, I'm tired.
Lavender: C'mon over here with us. [They lead Cruce back to where Slianna and Safiri are. It is a cozy corner of the classroom.]
Slianna: Good morning, Cruce. [She is still coiled up, her head risen.]
Cruce: Mornin'. [He smiles at her.] (Never thought I'd be saying that to Slianna... or anyone here, really.) ...So... About this whole creation thing... It's not everything I made it sound like.
Lavender: I thought not.
Cruce: Yeah... It's just a little story I made up with most of you as characters. Rilia, you do take the place of Ray, but you're not a boy... clearly.
Rilia: Yes, but still. I'm interested in this "little story" of yours.
Cruce: I don't know if just telling it is good enough, but... The one I'm working on now has to do with Safa. It's a very "in the moment sort of thing". After all, you two and Safiri are new characters of mine.
Lavender: Not to sound impatient, but what about me?
Cruce: Hmm... You're one of the older, more famous characters of mine.
Lavender: Ooh~... I'm famous~.
Cruce: But you are different, and I'll get to that after this disturbing little side note... I couldn't decide whether to make Safiri a girl or boy. The same goes for Ray and Sli. In short, you "Eclipse Guardians" all started out as boys, but end up as girls.
Rilia: Oh really? Creepy!
Lavender: There is tribal magic that can do such a thing, Riri.
Slianna: I've heard of it! ...Oh, I can't picture myself as a boy...
Cruce: I drew you as a girl before I decided on this story. In the story, you started out as a guy... As for Safiri, it was a spell that activated upon speaking it. I'm nervous to do it now because all of this crud could actually be real.
Lavender: Hehe, I dare you to say it...
Rilia: Ohmygosh yes! Do it!
Celebi: A spell that can change your gender...?
Cruce: ...Safantasia Form... That's what it was... ...Apparently, it either doesn't affect me or doesn't exist.
Lavender: ...Hm... No, I have never heard of such a spell.
Cruce: So it must not exist. I'm surprised to hear there's something like it though... Anyway, yeah. Only Safans with certain qualities can make use of this spell. So Safiri said it, and then changed into a girl. Sli, at the time, thought of a shaman who could help.
Slianna: Please tell me his name was not Maiwell...
Cruce: [Watching Slianna... he forgets to blink.] ...It... was... I originally planned to call him Witchdoctor Maiwell...
Rilia: You made Maiwell too?!
Cruce: Yep. [He nods.] The plot from there is that they try to study what did this to Safiri, but the closer they get to finding it out, the more it messes them up. That's how it later affects Sli... turning him into... [He faces Slianna.] You. Slianna.
Slianna: Goodness...
Rilia: When does Ray become me?
Cruce: In the sequel, when a wolf Safan harnesses this spell and uses it on Ray. The wolf's name is gonna be Drilion...
Lavender: Sounds like what Danny would've done back then.
Cruce: Hmm... The spell is supposed to overtake even him... Other than that, Rilia, Slianna, and Safiri just continue on as who they are. It doesn't make much of a difference.
Celebi: I'd believe it... I don't see how you could come up with that on the spot.
Slianna: It's too accurate.
Safiri: Well... we'll have to... have to just see where he wrote this all down, heheh...
[They all turn to Safiri, who has been awake this entire time. She opens her eyes, smirking at them.]
Rilia: You're awake!
Slianna: 'Morning Safiri.
Safiri: 'Morning everyone.
Cruce: ...So, you don't believe me then, Safiri?
Safiri: Not until I see it. Safantasia Form?
[They all watch Safiri...]
Safiri: I was born a girl, stupid. Something like that doesn't exist.
Cruce: Maybe not. But that's not entirely the point.
Safiri: Sure, sure... You just want to prove that you have basically known us longer than we've been here.
Cruce: Right. I guess it'll take more than just me yapping on to prove it.
Lavender: It will, because I'm still not convinced either.
Cruce: So, you and Safiri don't believe it... while Slianna and Celebi do.
[They all turn to Rilia, who is thinking with a paw over her mouth.]
Rilia: ... Mm...? Wh-wha...? Oh... Um, to be honest... I don't really believe it.
Safiri: So there! We have the majority vote.
Cruce: I guess you do... ...I wonder if your brother is here, Safiri.
Safiri: ...M-my brother...?
Cruce: Your brother. Nuvis. Nuvis Taira. Is that right?
[They all stare at Cruce, impressed...]
Safiri: ...[She growls a little bit...] ...
Rilia: Saf...?
Safiri: ... I'm starting to really hate your cocky attitude...
Cruce: ...I'm not trying to be cocky. I'm trying to explain something here and--
Safiri: You've gone and made out with that b***h Danielle and now you're calling yourself our god. I don't give a damn if you really are someone special, you're and idiot!
Cruce: Are you trying to pick a fight with me or somethin'?!
Safiri: I've wanted to smack some sense into you yesterday. I'll gladly kick your a**!
Celebi: H-hey, you two! Please stop this!
Lavender: Yes, this will only hurt all of us in the end.
Safiri: I beg to differ, it'll hurt Cruce in the end.
Cruce: You call me stupid, but you're the idiot... wanting to fight me...
Safiri: That's it!! [She rushes at Cruce.]
[At this moment, Celebi jumps in front of Cruce as soon as she can. Her speed does not match Safiri's, as she can only hold out an arm in front of Cruce... Rather than biting at Cruce, Safiri accidentally bites into Celebi's arm.]
[At the same time, one of the others from the nearby room decides to check in on this room, wondering about the noise...]
[It is Grovyle.]
Grovyle: What is all the commo--[He spots Safiri biting into Celebi. Celebi shrieks out in pain.] Celebi!! Hrah!! [He leaps up and over to Safiri, striking at her with a sudden Quick Attack. This is enough to strike Safiri back into the wall. She releases her grip on Celebi.]
Safiri: Ack--! [Hits the wall.] ...
Rilia: S-Saf!! [Faces Grovyle.] Grr, you big jerk! You didn't have to do that! [Thinking quickly and aggressively, she conjures up a small yellow bubble before pushing at Grovyle, who tries to catch it... He is blown nearly to the other side of the room before he takes control of the energy bubble. It evaporates.]
Grovyle: Agh... L-Leafeon!
[Answering to the call, Leafeon runs into the room. He was awakened before Grovyle came into this room.]
Leafeon: [Steps into the doorway.] Grovyle, what's wrong?!
Grovyle: Th...The Safans have gone mad...
Celebi: [Retreats back to Grovyle's side, holding her injured arm.
Slianna: Safiri, are you okay? [Hurries to her aid.]
Safiri: D-Damn... [She stands.] I knew these Pokémon couldn't be trusted... I guess I should've spoken sooner.
Slianna: It'll be alright, Saf. We're right by you.
Rilia: [Runs back to Safiri, standing at her side.]
[Again, Grovyle, Celebi, and Leafeon stand aligned on one side of the room while Safiri, Rilia, and Slianna stand aligned on the other. They now glare at each other... with Cruce and Lavender in the middle.]
[Lavender summons a purple wall of energy to separate the Pokémon from the Safans... Ironically, Cruce is on the side of the Pokémon.]
Lavender: Alright, enough! You all need to stop acting like babies. I know you're grouchy because you just woke up, but this is really getting us nowhere! Now knock it off and grow up!
[Leaving with their glares, the Pokémon, including Celebi, return to the seventh grade room.]
[All of the commotion in this room has woken up everyone in the other...]
Lavender: [Facing Cruce.] I suggest you leave too.
Cruce: Me...? What did I do?
Safiri: [Growls at Cruce...] ...
[Rilia and Slianna glare at Cruce...]
Lavender: Now.
Cruce: ...Will do... [He takes his leave, walking back into the other room...]
Pachi: [He yawns, now sitting up.] Cruce...?
Nic: What the hell is going on in there...?
Cruce: ...I need to find Danielle...
Riolu: [Standing, stretching.] ...You are honestly insisting on going out there to seek out a Shade?
Cruce: ...Yes... I am.
Al: ...If you're goin' out there, I'm coming with.
Cruce: ... You sure?
Al: [He nods his head firmly.]
Pachi: ...I'm coming too. [He stands, stretching.]
Grovyle: ...We aren't about to stick around here any longer. We will continue our search for the Time Gears soon.
Riolu: Could I ask a favor?
Leafeon: Of course.
Riolu: If you do happen to find a Time Gear, could you return here? I will watch the ones we do have.
Leafeon: ...Hm, okay.
Grovyle: Very well. They would be safer here anyway... carrying such important relics around in this mayhem would only prove disastrous.
Cruce: ...I know we may have had a little disagreement with the Safans just now, but I want you to stay here, Topher.
Topher: [Still very tired.] ...Mm..?
Cruce: Everyone will watch after you, okay?
Riolu: I will make sure he is safe.
Cruce: Thanks Riolu.
Nic: I'll do what I can.
Cruce: Thank you... I'm sorry this is short notice, but... I feel like I have to do this... I'll be back soon... hopefully.
"Pachi, Al..."
"Let's go."
--E n d i n g--