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A-chan's Documents of Complete Randomness
I'm going to write what is ever on my mind in here, Which, well, is always something random. Have fun!
1. Are you happy that the year is ending? Why or why not?
Actually, yes. I have the most wonderful man, I live with him, and even though we are s**t poor, I'm the happiest that I have ever been in my life.

2. Who did you meet this year?
Everyone that I work with. They all have their own, unique and special qualities! My boss is a nerd, Miss Arettier is the sweetest woman that I have ever know, Nuraka is the BMFO of the shop, and then Brandi is my fashion diva. Put us together, you have one hell of a team. I also met (and developed close relationships) with Josh's family. I love them all to death.

3. Start a new job or get into school?
Two new jobs, actually. I worked at Six Flags, and then now at Payless.

4. New accomplishments or achievements?
I moved out of my parents (twenty years too late, as I often say).

5. Played any new video games?
A bit of FFXIII. I've been mostly playing old ones, lol.

6. Watch any good movies?
Tron:Legacy, Tangled, Toy Story III, among others.

7. Something you wish you would have done differently?
Not at the moment, no.

8. Favorite new songs/artists you've heard this year?
Digging some newer stuff, like Lady Gaga and whatnot. Never had been exposed to it before.

9. Make any new dinner dishes?
Every night, just about. Josh's favorite is orange and red bell peppers, stuffed with ground beef and stuffing.

10. Who were your best friends?
I have three. They tie, in all honesty, and it's very hard to pick one over the other. I just can't. Josh, Katheryn and Amanda. All three have been extremely important to me in different ways. Even when we fight and argue, I just learn and realize something that makes me appreciate them even more. I love all three of you, more than you can imagine.

11. Did you have any major relationships this year?
Josh and I. I moved in with him, and we are more than peachy keen. Word cannot describe how much I love his sexy-awesome behind. He means everything to me.

12. Visit another state or country this year?
I moved to another state. Lol. Just been back and forth between Texas and Louisiana.

13. What was the highlight of your 2010 summer?
Moving in with Josh.

14. Lose any weight this year?
I fluctuate as I always have. I'm always between 120 and 150. I've always been like that, and this year isn't an exception.

15. Try new food or drinks?
Quite a bit of different types of alcohol.

16. Developed any skills?
I've become much better at sewing and making jewelry.

17. Have any new hobbies?
It's not a new hobby, per se, but I'm definitely into it much more than I was originally.

18. Watch any new T.V. shows?
The Walking Dead is really the only new one. I usually stick to my favorites.

19. Wear any new hairstyles?
I chopped it all off in July. Letting it grow out again, I think though.

20. Get a haircut?
Didn't I just answer this?

Favorites Update

21. Favorite color?
Still Chocolate Brown.

22. Favorite food?
Tough choice. Cinnamon Rolls.

23. Favorite song?
'In the Mood', the Glenn Miller Band.

24. Favorite number?

25. Favorite drink?
Hot Tea.

26. Favorite T-shirt you own?
It's actually not a shirt, but Jeans. Josh gave them to me because they fit me better.

27. Favorite Website?
Gaia, Cosplay.com, Deviantart.com

28. Favorite Movie?
It's a tie. Speed Racer, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Princess Bride, Stardust and Tron. I know there are more.

29. Favorite place?
Prolly Pontchatoula. It's where Josh's parents live. It's so quiet, and you can see the stars at night. It's really beautiful, and the air is nice and crisp.

30. Favorite quote?
I don't have one.

Bad Times

31. Did you fracture or break anything?
I think that I broke my pinky toe again, but I've done it so much, I tend to just ignore it now.

32. Had to go to the hospital?
Had to take my brother to the hospital when he sliced his hand open.

33. Anyone break your heart?
Quite the opposite.

34. When you cried the most?
Last night, actually. Josh and I were at our anniversary dinner, and we had a spat. I was insulted that he didn't want to watch my favorite movie with me, because he wasn't interested in seeing it. It took lots of tears, one hour, and the sudden realization that I was a terrible b***h to make me realize that our relationship is more important than any movie is.

35. The worst argument you had?
Last night's.

36. Any friendships end?
Yea. Ian.

37. Dislike anyone?
Yea. Ian. I feel like I've said this before...

38. Anyone you know pass away?
Ian almost did. Luckily he realized that his life is worth more than a girl.

39. The biggest scare you had?

40. The worst thing that happened this year?
We were late on breaking our lease.

New Stuff

41. Any new pets?
A goldfish named Freud. Currently, he's at my parents.

42. Any new electronics?
Yea. I bought a used Wii, and Jameson 'gave' me this netbook.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Jan 06, 2011 @ 04:48pm
Awww, I wanna see pictures of Freud!
Also, Alex says "Cinnamon rolls aren't food!" xD

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